Overwatch Introduces Competitive Assault Objective Changes

Last week, in the 1.10 Patch, Blizzard changed how the competitive match victories were handled in their competitive FPS-MOBA Overwatch, specifically on Assault and Assault/Escort maps. However, after receiving a tremendous amount of feedback about the ties on the new system, a change was most definitely needed. Blizzard is now rolling out the whole new change to the general rule that required a team to fully capture one more objective than your opponent to win.

Scott Mercer, Principal Designer at Blizzard: “You now only need to gain more progress than your opponent.”

The new system now means that draws will be extremely rare, something that Mercer went into more detail with in a recent post:.

Scott Mercer: “While this new rule makes ties exceedingly rare, there are now some gameplay situations that ended up feeling more awkward with the new rule.

If Team A is on Hanamura defense and prevents Team B from ever gaining any capture progress, then when Team A is on offense they only need to reach 1% capture progress to win the game. This means Team B needs to always have someone contesting on the capture point, or they risk losing.”

“Even with both teams aware of the new victory conditions and adapting appropriately, the instantaneous nature of the victory often resulted in confusion about what happened. Did the defenders not have someone on the point due to a mistake, or did the attacking Lucio pull off an amazing boop? This lack of clarity is not ideal, so we’re going to make a change in a future patch.”

Important: “Instead of needing to simply earn 1% more progress on an objective than the enemy team to break a tie and win, a team will also now also need to achieve a minimum of 33% progress.”

You can find some examples and references on the detailed forum post here.

So, we can definitely tell that there will be future changes as we head into the remaining time in Season 4, which has yet to get an end date but will surely fall into the three-month length so it should end somewhere around June.

It’s also important to clear a few things up: the percentage system and the capture point “ticks” are two separate things. While the three ticks (the circle point with three points) is still used to help you control a point, the percentage system is for the total match itself. Now, the 1/3 progress will be used meaningfully to break ties without needing to necessarily capture the point.

“So if you’re attacking Point A on Hanamura, get 1/3 tick and nothing else, then the next team attacks after you and gets only 20% on the point, they will lose and first attacking team will win.” noted user Kaidan on the forums as an example.

With the game constantly being tweaked, I still stand by my predictions that this game will slowly edged its way into a top spectator game (once they sort out spectator mode that is).

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