Old Versus New – Will eXDee Gaming Triumph Over Former MGO’s New Squad?

Tonight sees a big clash in the 2017 DGL Dota 2 Masters, as rivals eXDee Gaming and Energy eSports meet in what is sure to be an exciting encounter.

The two teams have had extremely different starts to their Leg One journeys with Energy eSports, despite being an experienced side, seems to still be finding their place in the current meta-game and what exactly works for them, which resulted in a slightly surprising loss against Veneration E-Sports in their opening match. Another loss to Aperture Gaming and a win against Flipsid3 Tactics has managed to put them in the middle of the pack for now, but I’m sure the team will be looking to get more wins on the board.

Bernhardt “SoDa” Van Heerden at the 2016 Dota DGC

On the other side of the coin, eXDee Gaming has quickly proved to be one of the formidable powerhouses in the Dota 2 DGL Masters, having managed a perfect three game run so far, although  one lost map in the matchup against xTc has put them slightly behind the only two other teams to achieve wins so far, Aperture Gaming and White Rabbit Gaming.

Speaking to one of the stand-out players for eXDee Gaming at the moment, Bernhardt “SoDa” Van Heerden, it is clear the team is feeling good heading into tonight’s match. “We are feeling pretty confident to play eN tonight.,” said Van Heerden. “This is a little bit of rivalry because it is our old MGO., but it is all in good spirit. “

Van Heerden continued by saying that the team had been putting in a lot of practice over the past few weeks to make sure they are a decent contender in the DGL Masters, and are confident that they will be able to maintain their current podium spot.

It was also pointed out that a win this evening, against Energy eSports, would put the eXDee squad in podium position, albeit briefly, which would be a significant show of force from the side in their opening leg.

“It would feel pretty amazing to be on top,” said Van Heerden. “We have put in a lot of work the past few weeks, so let’s hope it works out for us!

The battle tonight between eXDee Gaming and Energy eSports is bound to be a good one, so make sure not to miss out on some great local Dota 2 action, brought to you by Succubus and JubbaGaming:

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