Niantic Employee hints towards a “Legendary” Pokemon GO this Summer

After months of speculation, , players of the mobile craze that is Pokemon GO may finally get the event they have been asking for since the initial release of the location-based augmented reality title: Legendary Pokemon!

Earlier this week, at the annual Webby Awards, Niantic’s Global Marketing Leader, Archit Bhargava, accepted five Webby Awards on behalf of Niantic for their work on creating the award winning application and, with only a few seconds to get some words out, he uttered the following statement that has had the community all abuzz: “This summer will be legendary!”.

Of course, he could be just throwing words into the wind in hopes to create some fan-made hype for the game however, chances are that they will actually release Legendary Pokemon. I mean, why not?

To further backup the claim a “Legendary” event may be in the works we have an interview with the Niantic CEO himself, John Hanke. The interview, courtesy of Wired, saw Hanke discuss the past and future of the mobile app but also saw mention of legendary birds and Mew/MewTwo events:

In addition, Niantic wants to finally deliver what many trainers have been waiting for since the first few weeks: the legendary Pokémon – Mewtwo, Mew and the three elemental birds assigned to the teams. “I can safely say we’ll see more of it this year,” says Hanke.

While this is all extremely exciting we must wonder just what restrictions these events will present for gamers that are not in the hub of the Pokemon world (ie. the poor South African community).

If Pokemon did unleash the Legendary Birds on the world, and they did make it to our shores, which bird would you be after and where do you feel the best place for them to spawn would be?  Tell us in the comments below!