Nacon GC-100XF PC Gaming Controller Review

Huge thanks to Alistair “Lag_Beast” Bearman and Apex Interactive for providing the Nacon GC-100XF for review.


I at heart have been a PC gamer all my life, but the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series from From Software quickly taught me to become a proficient controller user, as it is by far the ideal way to play the game.

So, needless to say, with Dark Souls 3’s latest DLC having just released, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out the Nacon GC-100XF, as Dark Souls will quickly educate you on what you like and don’t like about the controller you are using.

Luckily, there is a lot of good to be said for the Nacon GC-100XF. Not only does it have a very respectable price point (just R601 currently at, which is actually a bit less than you would pay for a secondary console controller (my second PS4 controller cost me R700).

Despite the cheap price point, everything about the Nacon exudes quality. The packing is airtight, and the controller itself has a rubberised surface, making it comfortable to hold, even for long periods of time.

That being said, you can feel that the rubberised surface was not made for the African heat as the controller can get quite hot and sweaty after a while, which can make you slip and slide a bit if you happen to have sweaty palms like myself. This can make control a bit difficult at times (although I feel this is a problem most South Africans face in Summer heat).


The controller, even for my big hands, is comfortable, and has a nice weight to it (although the weight is non-adjustable unlike some of the higher price range Nacon’s). The A,B,X and Y buttons have been printed on the inside, meaning that no matter how much you use the controller those buttons will remain clear to the eye, which is a nice touch.

The sticks are probably the “cheapest feeling” thing about the controller, and can be slightly inaccurate at times and a bit finicky when pushing the sticks in but, for the most part, they are extremely lightweight and easy to move around, so it may just take a bit of getting use to.

The RB and LB buttons can feel a little stiff to start off with but, once you have a nice feeling of the controller, become extremely quick and easy to use. The most impressive part for me was the RT and LT triggers, which were extremely responsive, and felt like the triggers you would get on high-end gaming pads, and have that same sort of sensitivity to your movement.

Despite being lightweight and quick the controller itself is actually very quiet for the most part, even when I was panic rolling away from fatal sword blow in Dark Souls or trying to get an aerial goal in Rocket League. No matter how much I panicked, I could not get the controller to squeak and moan with me.

The controller’s cable is of a suitable length, coming in at just under two metres, which is plenty of wire for those playing at their computers, although an USB extension may be required if you are couch gaming.

The integrated DirectInput 8/Xinput button makes sure that the Nacon is almost always plug-and-play ready, and I had to do nothing else but plug the controller to get it working the first time.

There is of course some force feedback, as with any controller, but compared to my Dualshock 4’s, it is far more subtle, offering a gentle vibration that should not hamper your accuracy at all.

For its price point I highly doubt you will be able to find a better gaming controller for the PC than the Nacon GC-100XF. It is a cheap, viable solution to those looking for a PC gaming controller without breaking the bank, and its quality ensures it won’t break easily, so will be a worthwhile investment for any gamer.



+ Extremely good for the price

+ Good Quality

+ Responsive controls


– Can get hot in your hands

– No adjustable weight

  • AHM3D

    R 600 for wirded PC only
    must be really good
    xbox for me