Mythic Gaming Win’s DGL Emerald Genesis CS:GO Cup

The new squad proved themselves to be the heavy hitters of the tournament as they found themselves clearing all their games, making it to the grand final of the DGL Emerald Genesis Cup with a stellar performance that saw the squad only drop two maps in the whole event.

Before we dive into the interview let’s take a look at the final game against Fat Cloud Gaming, who unfortunately had to use a reserve. The Mythic squad were able to defeat the FCG team 2-0 (16-12 on Mirage and 16-4 on Train).

We were able to catch an interview with the captain of Mythic Marco “SynthetiX’ du Plessis after their long night competing in the finals.

How did you find the Emerald cup, being your first tournament under the Mythic Gaming organisation?

SynthetiX: “Mythic gaming provides a great support structure. Having them back us every step of the way played a huge role in our success during the Emerald cup.”

Were the times and schedule to your liking?

SynthetiX: “We like the structure of the cup, however 20:30 was a bit inconvenient at times. Matches that went to 3 maps often resulted that we only got in bed @ around 12. If you are a working man, that’s a bit tough.”

How did you prepare for your matches?

SynthetiX: “We looked at some default setups and a few T-side executes, nothing out of the ordinary. We didn’t go through any demos, we just focused on our own gameplay and to play to our strengths, not the opposition.”

Often new upcoming teams overstress or overwork strategies going into their games, while they lack a default understanding and synergy as a unit. One of the worst possible things you can do is fall into a trap as local teams have multiple different play styles each game, you can easily be mislead into how they play.

Going forward you will be competing in the Emerald Showdown on the 30th January. Do you have any goal in mind for this event?

SynthetiX: “By winning the Emerald proving grounds, we will have the best seeding in the coming Emerald Showdown. Ideally we want to win the Showdown as our goal will be to qualify for the Community Shield event in April.”

Oddball Question: What type of person are you, Karambit or Bayonet?

SynthetiX: “Definitely Karambit, although I own a Bayonet at the moment.”

SynthetiX and His Final Thoughts: “The Emerald Proving Ground final was a great matchup. The first map, Mirage (our pick) went according to plan and we ended up winning on it. We did not expect a Train pick from Fat Cloud gaming, luckily we were prepared on it. Well played to Fat Cloud gaming, we wish them the best of luck in the coming DGL legs.”

The Mythic squad, with their executions and growing presence in the scene, will definitely be a team to watch in the weeks and months to come and, with the DO-OR-DIE event set for this week, we look forward to seeing more new teams take on the challenge and begin their own rise to the top.