My favourite Local YouTubers of 2016

Welcome to part two of my favourite YouTuber’s of 2016, this time exploring local content creators that I’ve happened to enjoy throughout the year!


Last time we took at look at some international YouTuber’s that took my eye in 2016, but I feel it is important to support local content creators, so with that in mind, here are my favourite local YouTuber’s for 2016 in no particular order.


Gareth Woods is a local comedian, host and Dota 2 caster amongst his rather long list of talents, which includes his YouTube channel, TheGarethWoods, which covers mostly Dota 2 fails with his series “It came from the trenches”, which shows the woes of South African pub Dota.

It is not all Dota 2 however, with giveaways, other games and even a few “reviews” (watch them to understand why I use inverted commas) dispersed amongst the regular Dota 2 content, so there plenty on offer here  for local Dota 2 fans and gamers in general.

His latest video, is of particular joy, and can be watched below:

Sam Wright

Sam Wright, better known as “Tech Girl”, is a local blogger that has what can only be described as a “gaming awakening” in 2016, and has become a huge proponent of local Esports and Esports teams.

Her YouTube channel hosts a variety of often sponsored content with the latest in tech news and regular awesome giveaways, as well as some interesting insight into the local Esports scene with some unique behind-the-scenes footage.

She also has a blog, Tech Girl, which has even more of the latest technology and gaming news and Samantha’s on-goings, so make sure to keep up with both for great content and possibly free stuff too.

Grant Hinds

Grant Hinds is without a doubt one of the most passionate nerds out there, which is what makes him so entertaining – the man is literally excited about everything.

Being a variety content creator, Grant is usually tackling the latest and greatest in the gaming world, but finds the time to keep things real with the occasional blog post or two as well.

His content is fast-paced and often not too long, so if you’re looking for some bite-size gaming goodness, Grant may be your guy. He also has magnificent pink hair:

Franky B

Franky is a YouTuber I have been following since he had about 100 subs, and his hard work and dedication has seen his channel grow to almost 2,500 subs and counting.

Originally a Call of Duty channel, Franky now hosts a variety of lets-plays and content that focusses mainly of FPS games, although there is plenty of other content too, with vlogs, unboxings and the occasional montage.

With daily content, a newly released website and a regular streaming schedule, if you’re looking to keep you entertained throughout the week, Franky B is definitely someone worth checking out.

EZ Studios

EZ Studios is one of the fastest growing channels in South Africa, and is helmed by Clarence “Eagle” Musson and Waylon “Zodiac” Jackson, who, admittedly, are both personal acquaintances of mine.

Known for the “Clown Squad”  and “Over Wat” videos featuring CS:GO and Overwatch, him and his friends (including myself) join together to often create hilarious videos that are always capable of getting a laugh out of you.

A surgeon by day and genius content creator by night, Musson and EZ Studios have managed to hit front pages of various Reddits on multiple occassions, and this has quickly grown his channel to over 7,000 subscribers.

His latest video, which received over 20,000 views in less than 24 hours, sees an epic wrap up of the 2016 CS:GO year:

BONUS Creator: He happens to have nothing to do with gaming, but Ryno in the Bush is not only educational, but also hilariously funny. Do enjoy:

  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

    So many great local peeps.
    Following a few of them XD