My favourite International YouTubers of 2016

As a gamer and gaming journalist you end up spending a lot of your time on YouTube, as this is the platform where almost all trailers and footage are uploaded so, as you can guess, you get quite familiar with the platform.


Finding channels that you actually enjoy can be a challenge and, with that in mind, I thought I would share the five YouTube channels that received most of my attention in 2016.

As a supporter of both local and international content, I’ve decided to split up my lists to reflect as such, starting with the internationals:

Jesse Cox

Recently voted “Upcoming Personality of the Year” at The Golden Joystick Awards,  Jesse Cox is a lets-player that mainly focuses on RPG’s who has a similar in-built obsession with finding loot in whatever game he is playing to myself, and that pleases me deeply.

It is his charming and witty personality that ultimately keeps viewers around for the long run, and his often-improvised songs and expressions of delight often make for meme-worthy scenarios.

Cox is by no means an RPG exclusive player however, teaming up with journalist Jared Rosen for his Greenlight series, which explores interesting new indie titles; The Scary Game Squad, which has Cox team up with friends to take on the latest spooks and scares in the business; and Fan Friday, which often has him playing beyond bizarre video games that are requested by fans and subscribers.

If you’re looking for someone obsessed with lore and provides a slightly silly and all-together a good time, look no further than the “Coxinator”.


Sean Plott, better known as Day9 of Day9TV, started his career as a StarCraft player and analyst, but has since become a regular streamer on Twitch.TV.

Although a majority of his shows are done live, the times for these are no good for us here in South Africa, often starting at around 3am for us here in local time.

Thankfully he has a YouTube channel that stores all of his content, so we are able to watch his content at more convenient times.

The majority of his content revolves around his Decktacular, which sees him tackling Hearthstone with a different deck almost every show, and is a great way to learn how to play (and sometimes not play) the game.

Thanks to his infectious laughter and eternal optimism, you can’t help but feel happy after watching Plott at work, and his insight into the industry as a developer himself at Atlas Games is often very insightful.

If Hearthstone is not your thing he does have some other offerings, which include his “Day Off”, which lets him play the game of his choosing, and Mostly Walking, where Plott joins up with fellow developers and former class-mates Bill Grainger and Sean Bouchard to play classic video games and drink various forms of liquor.

Crash Course

Although not directly gaming related, Crash Course, which is one of YouTube’s education channels and features small courses which introduce you to all sorts of different aspects of the universe, including physics, world history, astronomy, philosophy and most recently, gaming and gaming history.

Created by the “vlogbrothers” John and Hank Green (the former known better as the author to Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars), the purpose of the channel is to serve as an educational tool to anyone who may want to use it, and is a great place of learning for any fascinated mind out there.

As mentioned, one of the latest series to be released revolves around the history of gaming and how it came to be as it looks today, all while looking into the history and importance of the various hardware involved over the years.

If you feel like a day has been wasted, if you learned nothing new, then Crash Course may be the nesting home on the Internet you have been looking for.

Jim Sterling

By far the most NSFW channel on this list, ironically Jim Sterling’s is the most gaming related, despite having a mild obsession with Pogs and Boglings.

Having worked for publications such as Destructoid and The Escapist, Sterling has since moved away from traditional games media and is now Patreon funded by his fans.

Working independently at, Sterling has no reigns or bars to hold him back from throwing seething critique at gaming developers and publishers, which he does on a regular basis.

His main YouTube show, aptly named The Jimquisition, tackles issues and shortcomings the gaming industry, and is a rampant defender of consumer rights.

Although his website contains his podcast and writings, his YouTube offers a different side of the gaming world as Jim tackles the alarming number of small, terribly built games that are flooding platforms like Steam, which often make for cringe-worthy experiences, and leaves you with respect for developers that put effort into their games.

If you want a frank, amusing and often alarming look into the gaming world and it’s practices, Jim Sterling is the man for you.

Geek and Sundry

As a beautiful hub of all things geek and sundry, this YouTube channel, created and produced by actress Felicia Day, provides all sorts of nerdy goodness for groups of all ages.

Amongst my favourites on the channel include a show featuring Jesse Cox, which has one of the best show names ever: Super-Fun-Awesome-Party-Game Time, which Cox co-hosts with Jessica Marzipan, and which gives quirky twists to modern party games.

Critical Role is quickly becoming the most popular show on the channel and features famous voice actors such as Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer and Ashleigh Johnson playing Dungeons and Dragons, and is a masterfully crafted adventure that often leaves you on the edge of your seat.

The family show for everyone on Geek and Sundry is Tabletop, which has Will Wheaton and his friends around to play board games.

The games are often quick and fun, and this show is the main reason I got back into Tabletop gaming, so I can’t recommend it enough.

Hopefully you will find the same joy I did in these channels throughout the course of this year, so don’t be afraid to hop in and try out some new things.

Tune in tomorrow for my five local YouTube channels!