Spotlight: MaD Hatters with Many LoL Teams

Mad Hatters

MaD Hatters is the biggest League of Legends (LoL) clan at the moment, with 11 teams taking part in the 2015 Telkom DGL Summer Leg.

MaDRaven (previously MaDJabberwocky) has the highest seeding out of all the teams and has both the owner and leader, Anneke ‘MaD Zania’ Le Roux and Raphael ‘MaD Afro’ van Rensburg respectively, competing in the team.

MaDRaven is currently in the Premier Division of the 2015 LoL Telkom DGL Summer Leg. The team has existed under other names and has competed in the Telkom DGL before it became MaDJabberwocky and then MaDRaven. Since they created the MaD Hatters clan, they have achieved quite a bit. Their achievements include:

  • Placed fifth in the Premier Division of the 2014 LoL Telkom DGL Summer Leg
  • Placed first in the Telkom DGL April 2014 InstaClash Cup (ICC)
  • Placed fifth in the Premier Division of the 2014 LoL Telkom DGL Winter Leg
  • Made it to the quarter finals of the 2014 LoL Telkom DGC

According to the MaD Hatters website, “MaDRaven is a team, but we are also more. MaDRaven’s mission is to become one of the leading sources for eSports in League of Legends within South Africa. All our members must be dedicated and passionate. No team can rival our dedication than this one, and we aim to show that.”

You can check out MaDRaven’s (MaDJabberwocky at the time) introduction video below.

MaD Hatters also boasts an all-girl’s LoL teams, which boasts seven ladies taking on the mostly male competition. You can find out more about the ladies in a previous article. The team is currently taking part in Group G of the 2015 LoL Telkom DGL Summer Leg Open Division, and is (at the time of writing) in fourth place, winning two out of three matches.

MaDAlice Dystopia Team

LoL is not the only title that players in the MaD Hatters clan is competing in, the clan is currently starting to branch out into new titles, including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (CoD:AW) on Xbox One, Dota 2 and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (HS). This is the first Leg that sees the MaD Hatters branching out and it is looking to have more titles under its belt. MaD Hatters will be looking to grab up some teams for Battlefield 4 (BF4) and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) over the next while.

You can check out the different teams, and where they stack up in the grand scheme of things in the pic below.

Mad hatters teams

With all these different teams, and having grown so big so quickly, it is an achievement in its own right to keep the teams under control and make sure that they are doing what they need to do each week. Le Roux comments on this, saying: “We have a management structure, where a few members of the clan represent a few teams. Each week we have a meeting to ensure that all is in order.”

You can find out more about the different clans through the MaD Hatters website and clan page. You can also follow the clan on Facebook and Twitter, as well as check out all the craziness through its YouTube channel.

Next time on In the Spotlight, captain Anneke ‘MaD Zania’ Le Roux talks about changing team names.

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