Lithium Set For A Bright Future with Bravado

Bravado Gaming has officially taken its first steps towards the console side of Esports with the announcement and addition of reigning DGC Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare squad, Astra Infinite, to the Bravado family, with some changes as a result.

Astra Infinite has quite the legacy behind them already, having picked up the Digital Gaming Championship titles for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in 2015 and with the switch from Xbox to PlayStation 4 in 2016, the team is gearing up for a dominating performance in 2017 with the help of Dillon “Lithium“ Charalambous and a strong brand behind their back.

Telkom Gaming caught up with the squad captain, Dillon “Lithium“ Charalambous, for his thoughts on the team moving under the Bravado Gaming banner.

Telkom Gaming (TG): Over the course of the next few weeks, do you have anything special planned for your squad? (Training, preparation for any events, etc)

“As a team we are currently preparing for the major LAN events, which will be throughout the year. As always, we have a dedicated schedule whereby we scrim and prepare during the week to keep up to date, and be sure that we are ready for any event that may pop up, whether it is an online or LAN event. We just would like to be 100 percent sure we are prepared for anything, and our goal is to make sure Bravado Gaming is always on top.”

TG: Has Bravado Gaming offered you any support and advantages towards training and preparations?

“Yes! Bravado Gaming is prepared to help out with training in any way possible, however, we do train at our homes and then closer to events we will get together and boot camp to focus on more detailed aspects of preparation and also to bond as a team.”

TG: This is a pretty general question but do you think the console player count will continue to increase?

“Yes, I have been playing competitively on console since 2013 and each year the players and level are raised higher and higher.

Especially with the recent competitive console switch from Xbox to PS in 2016, the community is much larger as a whole.”

TG: Going forward, are there any rival teams we should keep an eye on?

“Yes, we have always had a rivalry with Energy eSports and we look forward to the matches ahead as they are always good!”

TG: Lastly, what is your favourite Call of Duty game of all time?

My favourite Call of Duty game would be Advanced Warfare, as it had well designed competitive maps in my opinion and took the most individual skill to really separate players.”

Lithium’s Own Opinion: I feel that anybody who would like to start playing competitive should find 3 players that they enjoy teaming with and are also fairly good, but most importantly the players must all be on the same page and have the same vision for their eSports career. Everyone has different goals, and if you want a stable roster that will be able to have any chance to succeed, then all the players must have the same passion, dedication and ambition to achieve their goals.

The best teams are usually the strongest because they don’t give up and when times are tough then they keep fighting till they achieve their dream.

Also would like to give a huge shoutout to Andreas from Bravado Gaming for all the great work he has done and has been doing for the organisation. The opportunity he has given players such as myself to play under the organisation is a true blessing, and we will make sure to give it our all this season and hopefully come out on top.”

We will be keeping an eye on the team as the team takes its first steps in the DGL Call of Duty (PS4) league. With the competition heating up, can anybody rival this all-star team?

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