Leg 2 of the DGL CS:GO Masters Leg 2 Has Begun!

Leg two of the DGL Masters CS:GO Division has officially begun and will run from the 10 April to the 11 June 2016. Looking back at Leg 1 Results, while some teams exceeded expectations, there is some definite room for improvement among some of the teams. Can eN. Energy eSports maintain their unbeaten streak as we head into Leg 2 or will close contenders Aperture, Damage Control, White Rabbit Gaming and xTc Gaming be able to stem the tide and break their momentum?  

While we saw a dominating performance from Energy eSports in the first leg, there will be a great deal of pressure to keep up the zero-loss performance, as the teams in second place are hot on their tails.

The four way draw from Leg 1 is proof that the top teams in the country will be facing a head-to-head brawl, with Aperture Gaming, xTc Gaming, Damage Control and White Rabbit Gaming all looking to position themselves for a top five finish once again.

There are many questions plaguing the local CS:GO scene, one of which is aimed at the upcoming titans we mentioned above. The starting matches could easily set a strong standard for the teams and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the top four taking maps and victories off one another. Who will be able to land in the top three?

Leg 2 kicks off with a bang as White Rabbit Gaming go up against eXdee Gaming and, with eXdee landing just two points behind WRG in the previous leg, this battle could already determine who shows dominance for the remainder of the leg.

Energy eSports get an easy start to their Leg 2 with an early BYE round, giving Aperture and xTc a small chance to test any changes they may have made while Aperture and xTc Gaming will face Leg 1 stragglers VnR – Veneration E-Sports and PLT.Pulse Gaming respectively in their first matches of the leg. Has this brief Masters hiatus instilled new power into the struggling underdogs? Or will they start off their Leg 2 run with some early defeats? 

The start of the leg also marks the kick off of the next Community Shield season, with the Amber and Ruby cups set to give even more teams a chance at Masters prestige and the chance at competing at the upcoming  Masters Final.

Stay tuned to Telkom Gaming for more news and updates as the DGL Masters enters the second leg of competition.

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