Last Chance to Enter the Emerald Proving Grounds (Non-Masters)

Today marks the last chance for team’s to register for the first ever Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds (for non-Masters titles only).

The Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds Cup is the first step in just one of the Digital Gaming League’s new ways to qualify for the Digital Gaming Championships (check out all three methods here) with teams able to secure their DGC placement as soon as March.

The Emerald Proving Grounds are open to all teams/players (with the exception of teams/players that have already qualified for the Community Shield or Emerald Showdown).

Teams/players entering the Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds will be seeded according to their ELO ranking on the ladder. Teams/players that did not have ELO rankings will be randomly seeded last.

Ahead of their participation in the new initiative, Telkom Gaming caught up with former League of Legends DGC champions Energy E-Sports Black (previously Re Vera) captain Alex “RoiDzZ” Rymill for his thoughts on the cup as well as how he feels his new roster will fare in the tournament:

“The Emerald cup, to me, seems like another great way to practice and give smaller teams a chance to play bigger ones. The early qualification for DGC is also pretty awesome. I will have to play in it to properly comment but on paper, it seems legit.

My team has undergone a massive change to the roster with the majority of my team moving to Royalty (Vanzor, Senticall, Psycho). It took me a while to decide which players I wanted and I am very pleased with the players I have currently.  

We have David “iskataa” Rayner playing for us in the top lane, Abdulkader “Jinzaroth” Elyas playing in the jungle, myself in Midlane, Callum “Lordmacdonald” Macdonald playing ADC and we have two rotating supports in Alan “celestialfever” Homewood and Tyler “MadFuFuu” Maclachlan.

I am not exactly sure how well the team will fare against the best teams but I think we have a lot of potential and if they put in the effort we can be a big threat

With all the big roster changes I think we will see a big rise in RyL as they have a strong bunch of players who work really well together and I feel they will be a top team, if not the top team.”

Registration for the Emerald Genesis Proving Grounds closes today, 24 January, at 11:45 pm so be sure to head over to the Digital Gaming League Tournament page and sign up before it’s too late.

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