Kiev Major Qualifiers Draw to a Close

This past weekend has seen a flurry of incredibly entertaining Dota 2 action as a result of the Open and Regional Qualifiers for Valve’s upcoming Kiev Major, which had four regions fighting it out for just two spots in each.

The entire weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions as teams juked it out to try and get into the top two, and there was some definite surprises along the way, as well as some incredibly tense moments.

An interesting change in the meta-game over the course of the weekend also saw the game becoming extremely fast paced, with the CIS teams in particular often knocking down their opponents in less than 30 minutes, which is the fastest we have seen the meta-game in quite some time and makes for some extremely fast-paced and aggressive Dota 2.

There were also some definite upsets, such as NA favourites Complexity Gaming, being knocked down (early in the comp? and by whom), with Team Onyx ultimately claiming the spot.

This is also the first major to introduce six different regional qualifiers, with CIS and Europe being separated and, for the first time, a South American qualifier to boot, allowing Brazilian team SG e-sports the chance to take part in a Valve Major event (Parabens, amigos!) after successfully navigating their qualifier.

The team with the most ups and downs had to be TnC, who had some truly epic games during the course of their qualifier, and is a team that is definitely going from strength-to-strength.

If you happened to miss the qualifiers they are all available to watch in the Dota 2 client or on the BeyondTheSummit Youtube channel so, if you were out and about this past weekend, do not fear, as there is plenty of great Dota to catch up on for the rest of the week.

Check the image below (courtesy of Wykrhm Reddy) for the full roster of teams that will be taking part in the Kiev Major:

The Kiev Major is set to take place in the National Palace of Arts in Ukraine from 27-30 April.

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