HotS Progression 2.0 Patch Set to Shake Things Up

Having upped the stakes with the launch of their massively popular team-based FPS, Overwatch, Blizzard has seemingly been on the quest to bring its other titles up to the same level of popularity, making massive changes to its other competitive titles Hearthstone and, now, Heroes of the Storm.

An upcoming patch, called Progression 2.0, is set to shake up a number of aspects of the MOBA including:

  • Addition of Loot Chests
  • New Loot
  • New Customisation Options
  • Overhauled Player Progression System
  • Overhauled Hero Progression System
  • New Collection and Loadouts
  • New Currency and new ways to spend

First off is the announcement of some Overwatch-esque Loot Chests. These chests will contain cosmetic items that were previously only available for purchase with gold (or in the shop) as well as a slew of soon to be implemented items like sprays, banners, emojis, announcers and more.

Loot Chests will also come in various rarities with Rare and Epic Loot Chests containing the most valuable items. Each chest type is guaranteed to contain at least one item of comparable rarity or higher in relation to its type so, if you are lucky, you could pick up that Rare, Epic or Legendary item in a standard chest.  

These Loot Chests make their way into the new Player Progression system as players will receive a chest each time they, or in this case, their Hero levels up. In addition, every ten levels players will receive a Hero-specific Loot Chest guaranteed to contain at least one item for that particular Hero.

The new Player Progression system, which is linked to the overhauled Hero level system, will see Blizzard removing both the Player Level cap as well as the Hero level cap and the player’s level will now be calculated based on the sum of all the Hero levels that player has gained (with XP earned from completing games only affecting that particular Hero’s progression). Each time the Hero levels, the player will receive a level (and a Loot Chest) which means, with the ceiling for Hero level removed, players should have the ability to progress in a near limitless fashion. To show off these new levels comes some more elaborate badge art on your portrait:

Because of this new Player Progression system being so reliant on Hero levelling, some adjustments will also be made to the rate at which Heroes level in both the early and later levels with the early levels requiring more XP to unlock and later levels having their amount of play required to progress dropped by approximately 75-80 percent.

With all these new additions comes a new way to keep track of it all: the Collection. The Collection replaces the Shop in the game’s menus and serves as a central location for purchasing new items, Shard crafting, and browsing and sorting through just about every item in the game. You can also create Loadouts for your Heroes (up to three per Hero) where you can choose which items you want to be equipped ingame without having to change them each time.

Reworked Progression Rewards

To incentivise Player Progression comes a slew of new rewards for reaching certain milestones and even just for levelling up:

  • Level 1 – First 10 Hero Rotation Slots
  • Level 5 – 1000 Gems + Hero Rotation Slot 11
  • Level 10 – 7 Day Stimpack + Hero Rotation Slot 12
  • Level 15 – Hero Rotation Slot 13
  • Level 20 – Hero Rotation Slot 14
  • Every Level-Up – 1 Common Loot Chest
  • Every 5 Levels – 1 Rare Loot Chest
  • Every 25 Levels – 150 Gems + 1 Epic Loot Chest

With the addition of Loot Chests comes a rework to the Hero Level Progression Rewards system with Skin variations, Mount Variations and Master Skins no longer being unlocked through progression (if you have previously unlocked any of these they will be added permanently to your account on the Patch day).

The new Hero Progression rewards as follows:


  • Level 5 – Hero Portrait
  • Level 15 – Master Hero Portrait
  • Every 5 Hero Levels – 500 Gold
  • Every 10 Hero Levels – 1 Hero-specific Loot Chest



Additionally, for players that have already sunk hours into Heroes of the Storm, patch day will bring a host of rewards:

  • Completed at least 1 Heroes match – 5 Common Loot Chests
  • Every 10 Account Levels – +1 Common Loot Chest (max 35)
  • Every 25 Account Levels – +1 Rare Loot Chest (max 20)
  • Every 100 Account Levels – +1 Epic Loot Chest (max 10)




With all these new systems comes a revamp to now to acquire items which include a new virtual currency as well as a new crafting material. Here’s what your hard-earned (or bought) currency will now unlock and how to get more:

Check out the full patches notes here.

The Progression 2.0 patch will be available to test before its release through the Heroes 2.0 Beta, accessible through the Heroes of the Storm tab on the Blizzard launcher through the use of the Region selector (choose Heroes 2.0 Beta to begin the download).

  • Ashley Barnard

    Epic, now they have got the market place sorted out and the shop is like LoL. But at least you get then chance of a Legendary skin drop just like from overwatch. Now all it needs is the community to increase and we are sorted for the DGL 😀