Holidays are Over – Leg Three of the DGL has now Begun!

Yesterday even though South Africa resting the DGL was not, as it was technically the start of Leg Three for all DGL Leagues.

This does not apply so much to the teams on the ladder as it does to the teams that now find themselves in the Divisions of the various Leagues, as they fight it out over the next month to see who stays, who goes and who prospers in their respective Leagues.

The Leg Kicked off as of yesterday, 17 April, and will run for four weeks, ending on 14 May. There will, as always, be a mid-Leg Transfer window, which will run from 1-7 May, for those that may want to change rosters during the course of the Leg.

Teams are reminded that any cups or ladder matches should be played in addition to any Division matches you have in that week, so make sure to schedule your life properly if you want to get the maximum games (and chances at DGC) for you and your team.

Here are the important Leg Two dates to remember:

  • Pre-Transfer Window: 3 April – 16 April
  • Start Date: 17 April
  • Transfer Window: 1 May – 7 May
  • End Date: 14 May
  • Post-Transfer Window: 15 May – 28 May

To find your respective League and the Divisions, simply click the link below:

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