Hideo Kojima Reveals New IP

Rumours had been flying for awhile that Hideo Kojima may be revealing his all new IP at Sony’s E3 2016 press conference, but those rumours were put to bed before the conference even began thanks to a previous interview with Kojima on the YouTube Gaming stream.


Kojima has never been the most honest man when it comes to talking about his games however, and it turns out that Kojima Productions did in fact have something up their sleeve, as Kojima walked out on stage during Sony’s conference to rapturous applause to reveal his new IP, Death Stranding.

The trailer is extremely creepy and a bit reminiscent of the cancelled Silent Hills, and this is partly due to the main character, played by Norman Reedus, who was meant to play the protagonist in Silent Hills as well.

Besides the trailer not much is known about the game, and interviews with Kojima after the conference made it quite clear that this game is very, very early into development, as they have yet to decide on what engine to use.

Either way, it looks creepy, horrific, and everything you want from a Hideo Kojima game, so I will patiently bide my time to see what he has in store.

See the Death Stranding Reveal trailer below: