HellbirD’s Game Gifting Guide

The Festive Season is a time for giving back to those that have made an impact on your life over the year (isn’t it?) but often it is difficult knowing just how to show your appreciation. If you, like myself (and apparently HellbirD too) agonise over what gifts to give then you are in luck! The voice of South African eSp… eXmas is on hand to give some great gifting ideas for gamers!


Santa has arrived to take your money! Yay, Christmas!

I’m really more of a Guy Fawkes and Halloween kind of guy – I have gift anxiety, so Christmas time is mostly just me running around in a state of permanent stress and terror. My closest friends and family turn into demons with burning red eyes and gnashing teeth… (Not really they are generally quite pleasant, but as per above, they terrify me now)

What this does mean is: I am a fantastic gifter! Except that one time at a wedding… but let’s just not get into that… ok… I SAID OK LEAVE ME ALONE!

So, before I show my picks know that I made this all a little harder on myself by only selecting things I have personal experience with; games that you can actually play with your friends, games of varying genre and games that won’t make January unpleasant as you consider eating the socks your mom bought you for Christmas because you can’t afford two min noodles anymore… So expect a lot of older games here.

Please, also note, this is in no particular order.

Without further ado, I present, The Christmas List of HellbirD! Breathe it in mannnn. #shamelesslystolen

  1. Killing Floor 2


Probably one of the pricier items on the list, at around R300 [R319 on Steam], Killing Floor 2 is one of my absolute favourite games in the world. It’s a simple game… Killing Floor 2 is a perk based FPS title with persistent levelling. You and your friends spawn and are required to kill wave after wave of ‘Zeds’ granting you ‘dosh’ to upgrade your arsenal. At the end of it all, a boss appears that requires a little strategy (and good luck) to bring down.

HellbirD’s Killing Floor 2 Tip: Buy the medic pistol noob!

Bravo. Miscreated


By now, Rust, DayZ, Arma3 Mods and ARK should have been names you have heard before but, if not, let me first welcome you to what is left of 2016 and tell you OUTRIGHT that Miscreated is better.

So, for those who recently joined us here in the present, Miscreated is a ‘Survival Simulator’ or ‘Walking Simulator’ game. Forage and scavenge for food, clothes, weapons and, most importantly, handcuffs and other goodies to terrorise other players. Deal with the slight irritation of ‘mutants’ – aka zombies – and find a car so you don’t have to walk everywhere… Then build a base so you can store your finest gear only to have it looted by people speaking a language you don’t understand as they upload their victory to Youtube.

Aaah Miscreated, you beautiful, sadistic game.

HellbirD’s Miscreated Tip:  There is no ‘friendly’ in Miscreated.



Ever wanted to be Merlin? Nah didn’t think so. You can, however, still enjoy being a Master-Vivi-Esque wizard who’s most impressive ability is translating Swedish to English subtitles.

Magicka is a lot of a fun and presents a cooperative fighting mechanic that, strangely, reminds me a bit of Divinity Original sin as it uses your own smarts to combine magic to get different and intuitive results as you desperately try not to electrocute, burn, freeze and effectively end the lives, of your friends which, 10/10 times, results in someone irritated and laughing at the same time.

HellbirD’s Magicka Tip: Lie and say it was an accident.

–  Payday 2


Inspired by the opening scene of The Dark Knight, (it probably isn’t) Payday 2 is a team based heist game. There’s basically two ways this can go down; the first is a well executed, insurgent-like team who could easily perform the opening sequence to an action film where an elite squad is sent out to retrieve an experimental military weapon (or in this case $$$) and effortlessly dispatching their foes… Or… A bunch of idjits mindlessly waddling about making a fool of themselves as havoc breaks loose.

The game certainly has its flaws but, for R 589.00 for a four pack on steam, it may just be the right option for you.

HellbirD’s Payday 2 Tip: “No, no no no. I kill the bus driver

Five. Rocket League



Nuff said.

HellbirD’s Rocket League Tip: Shout Laduma in teamspeak for the lulz. Get a soundboard of Laduma in teamspeak for ggwpnorelulz

VI. Space Engineers


I am inclined to believe that this is WilsonXXXL’s favourite game… though it seems to have evolved since I last played it. Back then it was all about building spaceships that I could ram into my friends’ bases… Which is equally amusing to me, as I did it to create a Youtube video and then found that I had recorded nothing… Haha… They lost like 14 hours of gameplay… Still gets me every time.

Maybe you had to be there…

But if you like Minecraft, Space and now, apparently, planet exploration and base building; Space Minecraft is a winner.

HellbirD’s Space Engineers Tip: Make sure the camera is on before you troll.

v7.00. SpeedRunners


Never have I felt quite as inadequate as finally winning a few games of SpeedRunners only to see my friends literally obliterate me in seconds, only to to have them agreeing with each other that they would stop every second frame to let me catch up…

SpeedRunners is hard to explain; it seems simple, a side-on platformer where you need to traverse various obstacles whilst picking up boosts and weapons to thwart your competition, but you cannot truly appreciate it until you experience it for yourself.

HellbirD’s SpeedRunners Tip: If any of your friends are too good, don’t buy them anything next year.

8/8. Forced


Forced is one of my favourite games on this list; it’s inexpensive, a lot of fun and meant to be played with friends. The game has you control MOBA-like heroes as you battle through foes, complete obstacles and evade traps in an attempt to reach the level’s final boss…

Understanding your roles and responsibilities is key to victory.

HellbirD’s Forced Tip: Leave the weak behind.

Novem. Portal 2





Impress your BFF with your ability to solve puzzles, or be carried by their superior intellect as they figure everything out for you.



What a game.

HellbirD’s Portal 2 Tip: Your characters do not clip through each other.

<’;…;’>. Sanctum 2


Right. So… Sanctum 2.

I really enjoy a good Tower Defense and with games like Dungeon Defenders, Orcs Must Die and many others, the FPS element that can be introduced also makes things very engaging.

I feel Sanctum 2 didn’t get as much love as the titles above but, personally, I had one of my best binge sessions with my best friend when, as you may have guessed, I purchased this title as a Christmas gift.

Sanctum’s graphics are a bit dated now but the concept is still great; old school amazing, class-based characters, a pretty decent storyline and different types of enemies.

It currently costs R23.85 on steam until December 19th… It doesn’t have the greatest replay value but for that amount of money? Cmon.

HellbirD’s Sanctum 2 Tip: “click click