Harpy’ing on Missing Units in Warhammer

Total War: Warhammer has been one of my gaming highlights of 2016 so far, and I’ve managed to sink almost 200 hours into the game since it launched on 24 May, 2016.


Although the Warhammer lore is not the most familiar to me, I am far from unfamiliar, as I was constantly surrounded by it while playing Magic the Gathering tournaments in Port Elizabeth as a small child, and being familiar with the table top version of the game (and its spin-offs, such as Blood Bowl) certainly helped.

It was through this interaction that I learnt a lot of the units that exist in the Warhammer universe and, having played a substantial amount of Creative Assembly’s offering, noticed that there are some core units missing from all six playable factions.

Warhammer table top
A familiar site from my childhood.

So, What’s Missing?

Well, to be quite frank, quite a lot. Although the designs and animations of the characters and units included in the game are excellent, there are missing units in every faction that are staple’s in the Warhammer lore, and by all accounts, should be in the game.

There are even hints in the lore of the game itself that these units should exist. One such example is the Warriors of Chaos’ Hell Cannon which, according to the flavour text of the unit, is actually manned by Chaos Dwarves, although the Chaos Dwarves as a separate unit don’t exist (and are fairly important to the Chaos as one of their only ranged units in the lore).

The latest DLC, which adds the Beastmen faction to the game, once again lacked certain important units to the faction, such as Harpies, which don’t exist, despite being one of the faction’s integral units.

Table top version of the Warrior Priests of Ulric.
Table top version of the Warrior Priests of Ulric.

Here’s a run-down of some of just some of the important units missing in the game:


  • Huntsmen
  • Free Company Militia
  • Flagellant Warband
  • Warrior Priests of Ulric
  • Knight’s Panther
  • The Blazing Sun
  • The White Wolf
  • Hammer’s of Sigmar


  • Bolt/Axe Throwers
  • Dwarven Rangers
  • Dwarven Snipers
  • The Anvil of Doom
  • Dragon Company

Vampire Counts:

  • Sister’s of Blood
  • Corpse Cart
  • Spirit Host
  • Mortis Engine
  • The entire human faction of Vampire Allies


  • Goblin Spear Chucka
  • Squig Hoppers
  • Squig Herd
  • Snotling
  • Mangler Squigs
  • Snotling Pump Wagon

Warriors of Chaos:

  • Khorne Bezerkers
  • Nurgle Plague Guard
  • Chosen of Tzeetch
  • Favoured of Slaneesh
  • Chaos Warshrine
  • Chimmera
  • Chaos Ogres
  • Mutilith Vortex Beast


  • Tuskgor Chariot
  • Harpies
  • Gorghon
Harpies Warhammer

These are just some of the units that are missing, and if you delve even further into the lore itself, there are plenty more units that could (and should) make their way into the game.

Now don’t get me wrong, Total War: Warhammer is an excellent game and, despite some annoyances, and even with missing units, still makes for possibly the best Total War game to date. Thankfully, thanks to Total War: Warhammer’s modding ability, the community has been given some room to fix missing unit problem.

So how do I get them?

You could spend hours searching through the Steam Workshop looking at the different mods that people have created which add various units in the game, and can easily get clogged up with a hundred different mod’s that add a single unit into the game.

Luckily there is an easier way however, thanks to poplar Total War modder Radious, who has created (and often fixed) many of the inherent errors in Total War game’s in the past and, having played his Warhammer overhaul mod, it must be said it made the game extremely fun to play. You can find the Radious Warhammer mod here.

Radious Warhammer Mod

Not only has Radious overhauled a lot of the economics and other in-game mechanics, but the Radious Unit mod has also done a great job in adding almost every single unit in the aforementioned list into the game, which makes for a much more comprehensive Warhammer experience (although you may spend hours, like I have, choosing what units you want in your army).

Although Creative Assembly has a plan for their free and paid DLC (which you can see in the picture below), the amount of units that are planned to be added into the game seem minimal, so it may not be worth sitting around waiting to see what units they release.

That being said, there are still plenty of factions on their way into the game, and hopefully Creative Assembly will continue to add lore-abiding units into the game on a regular basis to please its slightly disgruntled fans.