Halo 5’s Biggest-Ever Expansion Is Out Today

Halo 5’s latest, and largest, patch to date is now live with Warzone Firefight, as you guessed it, including the new mode of the same name.

Warzone Firefight infographic 01 Warzone Firefight infographic 02

The update, described by 343 Industries as the biggest expansion to date, not only adds in the new wave-based co-op mode but also includes the new Score Attack feature (allowing you to compete against friends for points and medals in online co-op play or solo) as well as new maps, a new Forge canvas and new REQs items.

In addition, from 29 June to 5 July, the full Halo 5 game will be available to play for free to all Xbox Live Gold members, with the title also going on a 50 percent off sale during the period.