Guardians of Ember Debuts on Steam Early Access

Become an Immortal Guardian this December as Runewaker Entertainment (Runes of Magic and Dragon’s Prophet) introduces their new hack ‘n slash MMORPG, Guardians of Ember, to the Steam Early Access Program.

Guardians of Ember has players taking on the role of a member of an elite protective brotherhood, titled the Guardians of Ember, who are tasked with being the last line of defence against a dark menace that has wrecked havoc across the war-torn world of Olyndale. Choose from four races, six classes, and over 300 skills with Runewaker’s “Dual Class system” and build your own hero to take on a variety of monsters in this action-orientated title.

“After years of war, the world of Olyndale has descended into chaos.

As a Guardian of Ember, your brotherhood marks the last line of defence against a dark menace. Sinister forces threaten the land and can only be stopped by the ancient Ember. The future of Olyndale lies on your shoulders. It is your fate – and your duty – to retrieve the magic stone and bring back peace to Olyndale.”

With over 50 different regions, and over 60 randomised and challenging dungeons, to hack and slash your way through, Guardians of Ember promises hours of bloody entertainment as well as near endless character optimisation.

The launch on Steam allows players to experience the first two acts of Guardians of Ember with additional acts, with more maps and level increases, scheduled to launch on a monthly basis.

Features include:

  • Full 3D MMORPG with Hack’n’Slash Combat System
  • Near unlimited character optimisation: five races and five classes (a sixth post launch) with over 300 of active and passive skills
  • Dual class system (available from level 15)
  • Randomised dungeons with individual difficulty settings
  • Crafting and enchanting system: Design your perfect equipment
  • Housing system: Decorate your own house with hundreds of items
  • Engaging story with hundreds of quests
  • Several mini activities to gather resources like Fishing, Mining and Planting
  • Various PVP options (1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5 – ranked and unranked)

To celebrate their Steam debut, Guardians of Ember is available at a discounted price until 20 December 2016 with the Mortal Edition retailing for R211.65 and the Immortal Edition (which includes exclusive in-game items like the Guardian costume and the permanent Sabertooth mount) coming in at R551.65.