Getting Down to the Wire in Leg One of the DGL Masters

As we begin nose-diving towards the finish line in the DGL Dota 2 Masters the games begin to matter more and more as teams fight to get themselves into the top six positions and safely away from the Wildcard Qualifier, which may have teams fighting for their life in the Masters themselves.

This can be seen in almost all the matches in the upcoming week, as they all potentially implement some interesting sways and changes that could affect who stays and who goes

Tonight’s match between Aperture Gaming and Flipsid3 is a good example of how this week’s matches in particular will play a key role in their future, as both teams are in a bit of a spot at the moment.

On Aperture Gaming’s side of the table, they currently sit tied with xD.Dota 2 and xTc Gaming at 5 – 0 -1, with about an eight percent win-rate difference currently separating the sides. In addition, those two particular sides happen to be Aperture’s final matchups for Leg One, meaning that getting a good win tonight may be essential if they want to try and get to the podium by the end of the Leg.

Flipsid3’s story is a matter of survival at this point, as they currently sit on the cusp of being one of the teams that have to take part in the Wildcard Qualifier by just a single point at this stage.

Getting a win here. or even taking just a game, could mean big things for the Flipsid3 squad who have shown signs of life and definitely have the potential to cause an upset. A win for them this evening would throw a bit of a bigger spanner into the works, as that may potentially stop the Aperture side from being able to obtain the podium, as well as pushing Flipsid3 up into fifth position and comfortably safe for the time being.

The outcome of the match tonight may have significant impact on the rest of the Leg as teams hurtle towards the finish line, and local casters JubbaGaming and Succubus will once again be on hand to bring you the action live, starting at 8pm.

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