Gaming Chairs – Good for Gaming and Health

We all know and love fancy gaming products but in the past, product creators have often just thrown that term around loosely and created a controversial market, however, gaming chairs are not one of them. Why you ask? Let’s take a look:


Kicking off with a high price range of over R6000 it’s often a part of a gaming setup that is overlooked entirely. Sure, you can spend more on a graphics card or new internals for your PC, but a chair is integral to your overall experience.

Gaming chairs are built to last and are extremely durable, even for extreme circumstances and rage fueled movement. A decent chair can last you a decade and won’t be outdated by fancy new features, or shiny RGB lighting.

If you are a gamer and spend most of your hours sitting down or even work from home for long periods of time, this is one of the most crucial and beneficial tools to purchase. Think of it as a long term health investment, and not as just an expensive chair.


Why should you get a proper gaming chair?

Comfort: Gaming chairs are among one of the most comfortable setup pieces you will find, barring a fanciful setup involving a  lazyboy (We tried. It’s more difficult than it looks). If you spend hours a day on a regular chair chances are you will end up with real problems, such as back pain, neck pain,  and twitsted muscles, which can lead to further problems like Carpel Tunnel syndrome.

Build Quality: This is probably the reason behind their price point, as durability is a must for gamers, especially ones who are often spending countless hours in their gaming habitat. It’s no surprise that Esport events use DXRacer chairs on stage, as they can take the strain of gamers fighting for millions of dollars worth of prize money, and be used by every gamer for the same purpose (minus the millions of dollars up for grabs).

Aesthetics: It is no question that these gaming chairs look like they belong on stage, with their sporty look and wide range of colours, they fit the frame of mind for countless gamers.


For the first time in South Africa gamers can now purchase a wide variety of DXRacer chairs, as previously it was almost impossible to get, unless you were willing to pay thousands in import fees.

Locally Evetech is the only online tech store that is selling the real product in the local market. The range starts off at R5,999.00 and ranges all the way up to the glorified R10,999.00 Tank range.

You can find the different types in the image below. If you need help with finding the difference between them, DXRacer has a nice shopping guide here.

DX Racer Types

My only negative comment would be the limited option of Esport’s team branded chairs, only having SKT1 and Ninjas in Pyjamas available. Then again, it’s probably related to restricted branding, so we can forgive them for the time being.

  • Ryan Edmunds

    Want. My Herman Miller Embody was a waste of a purchase. Kills my back

  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

    Love how everyone ignores that they brought in a MUCH better quality chair before the end of last year for only R3500.

    DXRacer is like the Apple of smartphones.
    You paying for the name and nothing else.

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