From Shroud to Centre Stage as Mythic Gaming Secure Place in Master’s Cup

Tonight sees the conclusion of the Dota 2 DGL Community Shield Cup, which sees Mythic Gaming try to take revenge on Veneration E-Sports for a loss earlier on in the tournament.

It has been quite a story for these two sides, with Veneration E-Sports being the only Master’s side to make it out alive in the Community Shield and on to the Master’s Cup later this year.

Mythic Gaming however is a different tale, being the first non-Masters side to ever make it to a Master’s event, boasting rights the team will now be able to claim for life.

It was however a tough road to get there, and Telkom Gaming managed to catch up to Timothy “Kuhnchun” Kuhn, captain of Mythic Gaming, to talk about their accomplishment and the game tonight against Veneration:

Telkom Gaming (TG) Mythic Gaming has achieved a first in the DGL by managing to become the first non-Masters team to be attending a Masters Cup. How do you guys feel now that this burden is safely behind you?

Timothy “Kuhnchun” Kuhn: “It’s difficult to describe the feeling. I think we are still processing what the win last night actually means for us. After the win I asked the team, “So what now?” Alex answered enthusiastically with, “I dunno!” I think that perfectly sums up the feeling. It’s a weird sense of euphoria mixed with anxiety.”

Timothy “Kuhnchun” Kuhn

2) Looking briefly towards the Master’s Cup, there is obviously some tough competition. Do you have any sort of plan now that you’ve qualified?

Kuhn: “At the moment we have no plan whatsoever. To be honest, we didn’t even think we would qualify before the tournament started. I’m sure we will come up with a plan eventually but for now we are just enjoying the win and the elation at surpassing our expectations and goals. Personally, I have no clue what to do but I’m sure we’ll figure it out between ourselves as a team and with the guidance of the supreme Adastam-sama.”

3) Before that happens, however, you have to get past Veneration, a team you narrowly managed to lose to in the upper bracket of the Community Shield. Do you have a better idea going into the match tonight of what to expect and how to counter it?

Kuhn: Yes and no. I think the team was so focused on winning last night and actually qualifying that we forgot that we had to play another game later tonight. I would say that we do know what to expect from them as a team since we’ve played them recently. I don’t think we have a plan to counter it nor do I think we need a plan to counter them. We’re focusing more on our own play-style and getting the heroes we really want (cough Ember Spirit cough). I must give a shout out to my best friend and fellow Pokémon card addict PreciousPetunia for all the hard work he has put into being adaptive with drafts throughout this year. He’s really doing great work at the moment.

4) What would it mean to Mythic Gaming to win the Community Shield – is it a matter of pride at this point?

Kuhn: That’s a strong negative there. It would obviously be amazing for Mythic Gaming as an organization to win the first Community Shield but, for the players, we just want to play a good game (that’s also entertaining for spectators to watch). I mean, we’re just playing for seeding right? But we’ve already met and surpassed our own goals. We actually qualified. So we’re going to take it easy and enjoy ourselves. So please don’t ban Ember. (Kappa.)

Local casters Ridditz and Succubus will be on hand to bring you the action live, so make sure not to miss out on the conclusion of this grudge match by watching the stream below:

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