FIFA Community Shield Champion Talks DGC Expectations and Local Growth

Earlier this month saw Mubeen “MOBiZILLA” Gaffoor take a stellar victory, securing himself the title of FIFA 17 Community Shield champion after having battling it out against the other 11 top contenders for a guaranteed place at the 2017 Digital Gaming Championships.

It was a great feat as MOBiZILLA only dropped one round during the whole event, in his opening game against Muhammad “zaidy” Patel, after which he showed a completely one-sided and dominating performance, ending his outstanding performance with a 3-0 victory in the finals to secure himself the victory and the first seed for this year’s DGC where he will compete for the title of 2017 FIFA 17 DGL Champion.

Telkom Gaming (TG): What are your plans for that event (DGC)? Do you have any expectations?

Mubeen “MOBiZILLA” Gaffoor: “I plan to practice as often as I can so that I can be in my best form possible, I always set myself high expectations so my aim is to win DGL Championships. It’s not as easy as just setting those expectations though, the competition at the Championships will be tough.”

TG: What are your feelings about the Community Shield matches? Is it a step forward and what would you like to change?

MOBiZILLA: “It is definitely a step forward, it’s great to see the DGL getting back to supporting FIFA. Going forward I feel that they should use their social media channels to promote it the tournaments more so that we find the hidden pro players in South Africa.”

TG: Is there any advice you can give to upcoming players in the FIFA matches?

MOBiZILLA: “Something that I use to improve my game is trying to base it off real football as much as possible, FIFA aims to be a simulation and if you play it that way it can be very rewarding. Obviously, practice is a no brainer, also try to play tough opponents as often as you can. Playing opponents that are ‘better’ than you can be frustrating but can only improve your game.”

TG: Anything else you wish to mention?

MOBiZILLA: “Again, I would just like to thank the DGL for bringing FIFA back to the competitive scene in South Africa. There are many great players in the community who all have the ability to compete on an international level. Hopefully this is just the start to FIFA growing into a major esport in South Africa”

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