FIFA 17 Demo Review (Xbox)


Bearing in mind that this is only a Demo, there’s not much to whine about when it comes to FIFA 17, but for the sake complaining…

Compared to other games built off the back of the new FROSTBITE engine FIFA 17 is certainly lacking. But, while facial animations and aesthetics appear to suffer; physics, ball movement, shooting and overall player responsiveness feels and looks better than ever before.

The new penalty system will take some getting used too – players now have full control of their approach speed and angle to the penalty spot which has made taking a simple spot kick over-complicated.

Furthermore, I’m still not convinced that there is a place for RPG elements in a Football simulator. To be fair, the concept of “The Journey” sounds great but what we have here is just a polished version of “Be a Pro” with cut-scenes. And I’m not sure hardcore players are going to be able to put up with those tedious cut-scenes for very long before moving on to something else. Still, nice to see a ‘fresh’ idea out of EA.

That being said, the game feels great and I can’t wait to get stuck into the official release on 29 September.

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  • Shadow

    Probably the best FIFA I have played in years, I play it on PC, the graphics might not be all that great but it’s perfectly fine. They just moved to the new engine and got the main aspects of the game right which is modes/gameplay. They can focus on the actual players and graphics for next years series perhaps.

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