Farm Wars: Plow, Sow and Grow Your Way to Success

Plant crops, manage your farm and sell your goods on the global trade market with InventIt Apps recently released mobile title Farm Wars. 

“Be the entrepreneur of the Farm Zone! Unlike other Farming Games, Farm Wars is a complete strategic game which deals in real Crop Market Selling.

Plow the field, Sow the crops and harvest them to sell the crops in the market for real cash. The market price goes up and down for various crops based on the demand and other sellers. Plan your crop harvest strategically to sell them at the best price and earn the maximum cash.”


Based around a nine crop market, the aim of the game is to choose the right crop at the right time in order to make the most money on the global trade market: “The market can ultimately turn into a war zone which makes the gameplay very interesting and competitive.” 


Farmers have one week (running from Monday through to Sunday each week – though you can join the competition at any time) in order to manage their crops, avert disasters, and make money on the trade market in order to “rule the Farming Market and be the champion by outsmarting the competition“.

“Farm Wars is an addictive game which requires smart analysis and decisions to be taken. The game is beautifully designed with rich user experience and real-time notifications.”

Farm Wars is available on the Google Play Store now for Android devices running 4.0.3 and up.

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  • I don’t usually dabble on mobile but I enjoy this. It’s almost the spiritual predecessor to Bushtarion.