eXDee’s Swan Song Tonight Against Aperture

Tonight sees one of the final games in the Telkom DGl Masters Leg One, and an important one at that, with eXDee Gaming taking on Aperture Gaming in a final strike for the podium.

It is also a significant match because it marks the last time that eXDee will be playing under that name, as the roster prepares to make the move to Bravado Gaming, once the Master’s transfer windows open up next week.

Telkom Gaming managed to catch a few words with Jeffrey “ImpaKt” Waller, captain of the eXDee Squad, to find out how the squad feels heading into their final match, and the future of the squad:

Telkom Gaming: How does it feel to be playing your last time as eXDee before the move to Bravado Gaming?

eXDee Dota 2 at the 2016 DGC Prize Giving

Jeffrey “ImpaKt” Waller: There are some mixed feelings now that this will be our last game under the eXdee banner. Sad to be leaving the MGO we created, but also very excited for the opportunities that lie ahead with Bravado Gaming.

TG: Tonight is a really important match as it could decide the podium. How do you feel going in against Aperture?

Waller: APG is still a strong team and not to be underestimated even with their roster changes currently in the works and using a sub.

That being said, I’m still confident we will take the win. We’ve only had a few slip-ups this leg and have all worked hard to make sure they don’t happen again.

TG: Moving away from the Masters means you will have to qualify through the next set of Proving Ground Cups. Do you feel confident you’ll be able to make it?

Waller: I’m very confident we will be able to qualify through the cups.

As explained previously this match has some serious consequences depending on the results, so make sure to stay tuned to Telkom Gaming on Facebook and Twitter for the latest stream announcements.

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