eXDee Prevail in DGC Finals Rematch

Yesterday saw the anticipated rematch of the Dota 2 2016 DGL Championship finals between eXDee and Ventus Gaming, although this time they meet as part of the 2017 DGL Masters League.

Having spoken to Ventus earlier in the week, the team felt confident about the rematch as the game of Dota 2 has changed significantly since the last teams met. However, ExDee clearly had other plans for the encounter, giving Ventus a fairly quick 2 – 0 beating and showing why they were the 2016 DGC Champions.

Chatting to Ventus Captain about last night’s game, Pranesh “3” Singh and his team’s attitude remain positive, with the side seeming even more determined to get a win on the board heading into week three:

Pranesh “3” Singh: “Game one we had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted to do, and it even felt like it was working, but quickly fell apart. The biggest difference between the better teams and us is the way their lanes are setup –  they’re always in a comfortable position where they don’t need to commit as much to apply pressure, which is something we lack. Even though we felt like we were doing okay, we were not. It all comes down to experience and understanding the game.

 Game Two we just could not deal with their lanes at all; we got out-drafted. We took quite a bit from the games, and will use what we gained to propel ourselves forward. Xtc is up next, and will by no means be an easy team to face, but after being outclassed the way we did, I think our desire to win has been magnified greatly.”

On the other side of the coin, eXDee have had a triumphant start to their Leg One run, managing to get past xTC in their first week and continuing that streak against Ventus in the second.

Bernhardt “Soda” Van Heerden, captain of eXDee’s Dota 2 squad, is happy that him and his team finally get to compete at the top levels of South African Dota 2, and are enjoying the experience so far.

Ever the gentleman, Van Heerden commended the Ventus squad. “I think Ventus has improved a lot in the last year. I mean, a bunch of relatively unknown players to make themselves known is by no means an easy feat, so good on them.”

Looking forward to the rest the Leg One for the Dota 2 Masters, eXDee are particularly looking forward to their match against WRG, as it always makes for exciting games. “In my opinion,” said Van Heerden, ” they are a great bunch of players and both teams play at their best to beat each other. I have to mention APG as well, to ignore them would be an insult to their potential”.

If you happened to miss the action live, do not fear, as local casters Succubus and JubbaGaming were on hand to bring you the action live:

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