ESEA S23 GC Breakdown and Results

The ESEA S23 event was a wild ride for the South African team Bravado Gaming as they have now finished their journey its time to take a step back and take a look at the results and what they mean.

Bravado managed a strong performance against international heavy weights Team SoloMid in their opening game. Unfortunately, their success was not to last with the side ultimately defeated by both LDLC and Rouge to exit the competition in the group stage, however, with both conquering teams going onto play each other in the finals having proven their dominance over all other competitors, the news is not all bad.

So before we head into talking about the overall performance and analysis breakdown we need to look at the results and statistics.

esea-s23-gc-group-a-results esea-s23-gc-group-b-results esea-s23-gc-playoff-results

Overall it was a respectable performance from the South African team as they were able to take a win over the American TSM squad which, even if they are in a slump, still has some respectable players in their roster. This victory showed both the growth made by the side as well as some of their flaws which, moving forward, will need some working on if they wish to make their mark at the WESG Finals.


Looking at raw statistics we can see some outstanding performance from Robby “blackpoisoN” da Loca who had an overall rating of 1.02 sitting in the positive zone, which is a considerable distance between second performance from Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek with a 0.80 rating.

Unfortunately, due to the difference in points between their won and lost matches, there is the small matter of skewed data when examining their overall performance but what we can see is that the side needs to make some major adjustments before they will able to advance further. But, finally, it is time to dive into some general analysis.

Bravado vs TSM Analysis:

This matchup revealed a more accurate performance as we saw the top two heavy hitters, being once again Robby “blackpoisoN” da and Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek,  both having over 100 ADR (Average Damage per Round).

It is worth noting that the TSM roster did field two people who are substitutes as there are some major roster changes at present.

Note: December 14th – Team SoloMid drops Pujan “FNS” Mehta and Kory “SEMPHIS” Friesen and Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan who were forced to attend the ESEA Global Premier Challenge and Season 23 Finals due to roster restrictions (thanks to Liquipedia for their records).

Back on topic the map pick was Mirage which should be one of the stronger Bravado maps compared to their other international picks and results.


Bravado vs Team LDLC Analysis:

Little can actually be taken from this game since it was such a one-sided slaughter, although LDLC is still sitting at the number 29 spot on the HLTV top 30, with some basic strategic mistakes made by the Bravado squad which would ultimately prove their downfall.

Fundamentally, pistol rounds need some work as there were some questionable plays that were made. Going into the buy rounds I also noticed that Bravado need to start relying on their AWPing skills a great deal more if they want to start making more impactful plays in their buy rounds.

Last note would be the overall maps that were played, having to go up against LDLC on Overpass is a pretty tough draw and we noticed it as they completely struggled on both sides of the map as they were 4:11 on their T side and then lost every remaining round on their CT side without picking up the pistol.


Bravado vs Rogue Analysis:

This best-of-three matchup was a complete uphill struggle as they took on Rogue who, notably, went to go on and win the whole event. The battle started out right in the map picks with Rogue picking Train, Bravado picking Mirage and the last map left being Cache. In order for Bravado to have a chance they would need to secure the map victory on Mirage in hopes to play their potentially stronger map Cache. Unfortunately for the side this proved impossible, ending their first map (score) and ultimately losing the series.

Overall, we againwitnessed some strategical problems from the Bravado squad as their buy rounds were a little ‘wonky’. This does at least point out some fixable problems as the team can now work on them as the date for WESG grows closer.


Overall notes:

I am happy with how we are progressing on the international stage as we slowly improve our performance, however, there are always some aspects that can help us improve.


In order to further progress on the world stage we need to go back to the start and lock in our default strategies and ideas; a basic set of well-coordinated attacks on the Terrorist side could majorly benefit the team since it was a rather large problem shown at this event. I can’t help but feel that there were some rushed tactics and mid round calls that were questionable but at least there is time to work on it now.

One of the more pressing issues is our how we prepare for the future games. I can only judge from an outside perspective (since I am not involved) but it seems that more preparation needs to be taken into consideration. For example: Rogue are heavy hitters on both Mirage and Train so you would want to rather play them on their less played maps like Dust 2 over the mirage pick.

Bravado Blue (Banner)

Overall it was an entertaining event and we managed to secure a victory against an American team so progress is made and we can happily move forward, provided we continue to adjust and develop. Hopefully, the South African scene can continue to improve so we can further grow our pool of skilled players and expand our list of global achievements.

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