Energy eSports Working Hard to Improve

Time is ticking in Leg One of the DGL Dota 2 Masters and, with only a few matches left to play, it’s now up to teams to try and get themselves into the top six and safely away from the Masters Qualifier, where the bottom four teams will find themselves fighting for their lives in the Masters Wildcard Qualifier!

Two teams currently trying to avoid relegations happen to be the Master’s newcomers, Energy Esports and Ventus Gaming, who are set to face off tonight to improve on their current sixth and tenth places respectively.

A personal surprise for me, after having looked at the rosters at the start of the leg, was Energy eSports rather lack-lustre performance so far as, on paper, the team has plenty of potential to get high up in the Masters bracket but, at the moment, they seem to be struggling to find their niche.

In chatting to Darron “Chelsea” Reinhardt, captain of Energy eSports, he agreed with my sentiments, and noted that the team was working hard to try and move themselves in the right direction.

“We have obviously been doing very poorly, everyone on the team knows that,” stated Reinhardt.  “We are probably practicing 5-6 days a week – so hopefully the people that are not playing in their primary roles they played in the past will feel more comfortable.”

As for the game tonight, against Ventus, despite the tough times the team still seems to confident that they can pull away a win, with Reinhardt adding in jest, “hopefully I don’t lose mid this time!”

Local casting talent JubbaGaming and Succubus will once again be on hand to bring you the action no matter the outcome, so don’t be shy and come join in at 8pm for some local Dota 2 action!

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