FIFA 17 Emerald Showdown Champion Looks to DGL Masters to Further Grow Local Community

With the Sapphire Series well underway (with the Sapphire Do-or-Die finals set to take place in just a few days) Telkom Gaming caught up with the Emerald Showdown champion Mubeen “MOBiZILLA” Gaffoor of ViNCO GAMiNG for his thoughts on the competition, the inclusion of FIFA 17 into the DGL Masters and his expectations for the upcoming Community Shield event.

Telkom Gaming (TG): First off, congratulations on securing the Emerald Showdown victory! What was the toughest match of the entire Emerald series and why?

Mubeen “MOBiZILLA” Gaffoor: I can’t really recall a single match out of the entire series, but on a whole, the competition was tough throughout. I came up against a few opponents that didn’t make it easy for me.

TG: Since this year has been extremely different in the DGL, what are your thoughts on the Showdowns and Cups that provide different ways to succeed within the DGL?

Gaffoor: The Cups and Showdown events are a good way to get entry to the Community events however I think DGL should constantly remind people about the qualification methods because from what I saw in the local FIFA community, a lot of people weren’t always clued up and would sometimes register for events even though they had qualified for the Showdowns already.

TG: Do you enjoy a more active system like the Cups? (Proving Grounds and DO-OR-DIE).

Gaffoor: Yes, the multiples cups make it a little less stressful because it offers players more chances to qualify.

TG: Moving forward we saw 27 players register for the Sapphire Proving Grounds, do you think this number will continue to grow and what do you feel needs to be done to further entice players to enter these kinds of tournaments?

Gaffoor: It will definitely grow, however, DGL should promote the FIFA Tournaments more on their social media platforms to encourage players to register. There is a massive FIFA community in South Africa and a majority of them aren’t aware of the competitive scene. With Telkom and DGL’s marketing ability, they should be able to reach new players with ease.

TG: What are your thoughts on FIFA being included as a part of the DGL Masters?

Gaffoor: It’s great that FIFA is finally getting it’s time to shine in the eSports spotlight. As I mentioned before, there is a huge FIFA community in South Africa with a lot of players that have great gaming ability.

Internationally, FIFA is also picking up speed in the eSports world with the current FUT Champions tournaments, so it’s good to see South African gamer’s getting the platform to compete on a professional level.  

TG: You have some strong competition to face in the upcoming Community Shield Qualifier, how will you prepare for these games?

Gaffoor: Generally I stick to my own gameplay style when I face opponents, so every game I play against friends/online and in some of our local online leagues will be practice for me for the Community Shield Qualifier.

TG: Do you have anything further to add?

Gaffoor: I would just like to thank DGL for getting back into the FIFA scene and for giving us the opportunity to play for a such a huge prize pool in the DGL Masters.


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