Dota 2 Masters – A New King is Crowned

Now that the dust has settled and emotions aren’t running high we can finally look back at what happened at the recent Dota 2 Master’s event, which took place during the rAge expo at the Ticket Pro Dome from 7 – 9 October.

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Eight of South Africa’s best teams were fighting it out for R500,000 in cash and the boasting rights of being the Telkom DGL Master’s Champion in what turned out to be a roller-coaster ride of a weekend.

The initial rounds went pretty much as expected, with ApG, DC and WRG advancing through to the Winner’s Bracket semi-finals. The one exception was perhaps ApG versus Carbon, which saw ApG taking a convincing 2-0 win and moving themselves forward to face Bvd.

This was the first series that showed off a chink in the otherwise impenetrable Bravado Gaming armour, as in possibly the most exciting games of the tournament. Aperture Gaming managed to best the Bravado Gaming side in a nail-biting 2-1 encounter, knocking the former DGC champions to the lower bracket.

Some unusual drafts from the Damage Control side soon saw them losing out to the tight White Rabbit Gaming ship, who quickly advanced themselves into a winner’s bracket final match against  Aperture Gaming.

A fatigued Aperture side came in very lack-lustre for the match against WRG, and were quickly thrown down to the loser’s bracket with a 0 – 2 defeat, getting WRG that finals spot.

The story then moved onto the loser’s bracket, which saw Carbon and Bravado destroying their counterparts in Damage Control and Flipsid3 Tactics respectively, and getting them the much awaited face-off between Bravado and Carbon.

The unfortunate Carbon side met a very hungry Bravado Gaming side, who soon dealt with Carbon in a fairly efficient manner in order to get themselves a rematch against Aperture Gaming.

Not to be fooled a second time, Bravado Gaming came into this match prepared, and despite Aperture’s best efforts, they were unable to pull off a double-miracle, and ended up exiting the tournament in a respectable third place.

The sights were then set to the “two big names” finally meeting face to face on finals day, and saw White Rabbit Gaming more confident than ever to take down the title against a precarious Bravado side.

The first game turned out to be an action-packed affair, with neither team really gaining any true advantage. Some incredible team fights from the White Rabbit Gaming in the late-game quickly saw them emptying out the Bravado base and claiming themselves a first-game win.

Down but not out, a totally different Bravado entered game two, and saw them, even with some fight, soon taking down WRG to even out the series and put it through to a final game.

The final draft is where things fell apart for Bravado Gaming, after a very early and aggressive line-up was effectively countered in WRG’s final Omniknight pick, a hero the Bravado Gaming line-up could do nothing about.

That, combined with some of the most co-ordinated team fights I have ever seen from a local side, soon saw White Rabbit Gaming taking a massive advantage, and closing out the game in convincing fashion.

Chatting to White Rabbit Gaming Captain Ryan “Chidowi” Lancaster now that the emotions have settled somewhat, he notes that the sensation of finally beating Bravado has finally sunk in, adding that “it is a nice way to go on vacation!”

As for the effect on the Dota 2 community, Lancaster feels seeing a new team being crowned kings of the Telkom DGL Master’s can only be a good thing. “Hopefully it inspires some people to take it more serious and get the competition locally even higher and better.”

When asked to comment about Paul “Redeye” Chaloner’s Tweet that South African players are ready for the International Stage, Lancaster agreed. “We have grown as players and as teams so much over the last year and now it’s time for us to look to the international stage where possible, “added Lancaster. ” I still think there is a lot of work to be put in ourselves before we will make a proper statement at big events, but for the mean time, I think we are definitely ready.”

White Rabbit Gaming WRG masters Dota 2 Telkom DGL

The Telkom DGL Master’s teams walked away with:

  • First Place:R200,000
  • Second Place:R90,000
  • Third Place:R50,000
  • Fourth Place:R40,000
  • 5th – 6th:R35,000
  • 7th – 8th:R25,000