DICE Reveal Local Servers are Coming to Battlefield 1

It is certainly a good day for local Battlefield players as DICE has revealed, after much shouting and noise-making from our local community, that South Africa, along with the Middle East and Hong Kong, will be receiving local servers in early 2017.

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First and foremost, the community should thank themselves for this achievement, as it really was the huge forum threads and constant bombardment from South Africans on social media that helped make this happen.

There is a caveat here, in that this is just one step in the right direction and we are by no means out of the woods yet when it comes to making Battlefield 1 a competitive title, especially for the Telkom DGL.

Even with local servers on their way, people who do decide to rent servers will not have the required control to execute a competitive match. To quote the recent DGL press release:

“We’ve reached the breaking point due to two of the basic requirements that were not met.

  1. The servers used in DGL matches must be password protected.
  2. If an intruder enters the server, that intruder must be kicked from the server by the server admin.”

You are also unable to set the size of your server, as this is automatically adjusted to whatever game mode you happen to set the server to be, which is far from ideal.

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Although I have no doubt that DICE is working hard to bring added functionality to server owners, as it stands, there is still a ton of functionality that will need to be added before we can begin to make the game competitive.

Although this is slightly disheartening I don’t think it should be, as DICE has clearly shown it knows about us here in the Southern tip of Africa, and are seemingly aware of our problems.

My biggest take-away from local servers is the fact that EA and DICE are finally going to stop providing us with a sub-par experience of the game, and finally allow us to experience Battlefield 1 the way it was meant to be played.

  • Maddond

    All we need to do now is give the international guys a reason to want to play against us competitively. No quota systems nonsense here. If you’re good and can prove it, you make the team!