DGL’s Position on Battlefield for the 2017 Season

With the “Fall Update” released for Battlefield 1 and no signs of any local servers in sight, players have been wondering what title will be supported for the Telkom DGL in 2017, and whether it is worth picking up Battlefield 1 or not for the new year.

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With that in mind, Robert “Infy” Hart, head admin of the Telkom DGL, has released a statement in this regard, which should clear up things for the local community:

Battlefield 1 is a great game. The DGL office can’t get enough of it! The thing is that, no matter how much we enjoy the title, it has glaring issues that we just cannot ignore. I’m talking about issues that are massive and detrimental to our community and I hope that this post will help provide clarity and security to the Esports players and teams in our community who need it now more than ever.


Battlefield 1 does not meet the minimum requirements for Esport

With Battlefield 1 we have some amazing new features that we’re very excited about. One such feature is the industry leading spectator mode. Here they took a step in the right direction, by giving the Esports fraternity something we had been promised for a long time. Unfortunately giving us one feature while removing a whole lot more has become a common trend for some game developers. This policy from the developers has slowly been strangling the life out of the competitive community for some time, and it has now reached the breaking point. A point where Battlefield 1 simple cannot be played competitively, no matter which way we look at it.

Ping Pong

Battlefield 1 released without African servers. It’s fine, though, we could make it work. It’s nothing close to ideal, but we can still compete in Esports with a high ping.

The Breaking Point

We’ve reached the breaking point due to two of the basic requirements that were not met.

  1. The servers used in DGL matches must be password protected.
  2. If an intruder enters the server, that intruder must be kicked from the server by the server admin.

It is a bit like a Football match, where any spectator can just stroll onto the field during a match because the barriers have been removed. To make it worse, those spectators cannot be removed from the football field because there are no security guards.

In Battlefield 1 you cannot set a server password to prevent intruders from interrupting a competitive match that is in progress.  In addition to that, once an intruder as joined your match, you cannot remove him.

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Regarding Battlefield 1 in the DGL

The DGL team will continue to watch the development of the title. We hope that the developers prioritise the server issues so that Esport can be played.

Unfortunately, until our basic requirements are met, the DGL will not be hosting events for Battlefield 1.

The 2017 Season

The DGL will continue to host the Battlefield 4 league in 2017. If Battlefield 1 moves in the right direction and meets the standard, we will launch a league for the new title and phase Battlefield 4 out towards the end of 2017, in preparation for BF1 in 2018.”

Battlefield 4 BF4 2016 Telkom DGL Banner

I hope this clarifies DGL’s position on the matter and provides the community with the direction it needed.

  • JouMaSe

    this is sad. I really think you guys should be flexible and wait till new update in dec. they are working on local servers for us and they are working on the server rental options. but yeah GLHF to the teams who is going to stomach BF4 for a 4th year.

    • acidraid

      Agreed. I also think that BF1 is currently a problem but if they fix it we must immediately start a league with haste. There will be a huge influx of players and bf4 should be dead like bf3 is, even with the bad netcode of bf4 initially. PS: bf1 has 10x the netcode of bf4.

      • b1nd3r

        Hoping for bf1 but i dont think bf4 will die anytime soon honestly its feels like a different game

    • Robert Hart

      We will continue to reevaluate and adapt with every patch. As soon as the game is compatible with Esport, we will begin hosting leagues & cups for it.

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  • WickedMONK3Y

    Seriously sad days ahead if EA/DICE carry on with this path. The 3rd Party RSP’s did a fantastic job and because of corporate greed disguised as “Uniform experience for all”, which is laughable in its irony, we are all suffering…