DGL League’s Leg One Transfer Window Now Open

Wish you had better teammates? Is a particular person on your side “pouring the salt” onto the rest of the side, whether you win or lose? Fear not! The DGL Leg One Transfer Window has opened up for all active Leagues.

For all ladder players reading this, it doesn’t involve you, so you can look away if you want to. This only applies to the Divisions for the various Leagues, as they are the only ones held by the roster locks, while teams not in a Division are not.

For those that want the TL:DR version, the dates are as follows:

Transfer Windows:

  • Pre-Transfer Window: Closed 22 Jan
  • Start Date: 23 Jan
  • Transfer Window: 6 – 12 Feb
  • End Date: 19 Feb
  • Post-Transfer Window: 20 Feb – 5 March

For a brief summation, this means that the Transfer Window opens as of today, 6 February, and will run until 12 February, when it will lock once again. From there on in you will have to use the roster you have to complete out the Leg, which ends 19 February.

Once the Leg comes to an end, rosters will once again open on 20 February and will remain open between the Legs until 5 March, in anticipation of the start of Leg Two on 6 March.

For those unfamiliar with the Transfer Window and what it entails, there is a full description available in the DGL General Rules.

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