CS:GO Masters Round 8 Wrap Up

As we near the close of Leg 1 of DGL Masters, teams will be trying to scavenge a last minute victory in hopes of placing within the top six. The bottom four of Masters will be thrown into the Community Shield where they will meet the Sapphire and Emerald victors for a chance at competing at the upcoming Masters Cup.

So before we head into the Round 8 results, we need to discuss the current bottom four of Masters and what they will need to do to potentially avoid finishing at the bottom of the log come the end of the leg.

As it stands, the following teams are at risk of having to secure their place at the Masters Cup through competition at the Masters Wildcard Qualifiers: Flipsid3 Tactics SA, PuLse Gaming, Ventus and Veneration E-Sports. If Flipsid3 can find themselves a victory against WRG they could potentially squeeze out of the bottom four, depending on eXdee’s performance. Pulse, Ventus and VnR are at least two victories behind the F3 squad with their chances at securing a top six place looking like it may have sailed.

The four unsuccessful sides will clash against the following teams in the upcoming Community Shield Masters Wildcard Qualifier where they will battle it out for a chance at competing at the Masters Cup:

  1. PROWolves
  2. VnR – Rejects
  3. Bravado Gaming
  4. PewPew CS:GO
  5. Mythic Gaming
  6. Fat Cloud Gaming
  7. Ventus Red
  8. Teh Gucci BoyZ

Round 8 Wrap Up:

eXdee Gaming 2-0 White Rabbit Gaming: A surprisingly strong performance from the eXdee squad, managing to take down WRG in a strong 2-0 showing. eXdee took a fairly close victory on  Cobblestone 16-12 before seemingly finding their footing and going completely overboard to secure Train 16-5 against a squad who has been sitting in the top three overall log. The newcomers are certainly proving to be a force worth reckoning.

Energy eSports 2-0 Damage Control: The clash of two veteran MGO’s saw a closer match-up than the 2-0 scoreline dictates as eN continued their 100 percent win rate, once more not dropping a single map. However, the DC squad did go down swinging. and, while Overpass had a less than satisfactory 16-8 scoreline, the two moved on to play an extremely close game on Nuke, a map that is making its way around the local scene, Which saw eN edge the victory in a tight 16-13 scoreline.

PuLse Gaming 2-1 Flipsid3 Tactics: An upset in my eyes as the Pulse squad has been struggling to find victory so it comes as no small surprise that they managed to take down a strong competitor in Flipsid3. This managed to stop Flipsid3 from breaking out of the bottom four positions, leaving them in a tenuous position as the leg draws to a close. After F3 took Cache 16-7, revenge was met as the PuLse squad won Nuke 16-10 and Mirage 16-12. While the scores don’t truly reflect how close this game was, winning a few clutch rounds could have led to F3 taking mirage away from PuLse.

Ventus Gaming 2-1 Veneration E-Sports: Yet another three-map battle was fought this week, this time between Masters newcomers Ventus and VnR with VnR kicking off the match with a stellar performance on Mirage, ending it 16-6. Ventus stood up on Cache and managed to keep things interesting, taking the map 16-10. Overpass is where these two teams met on equal grounds as they were constantly fighting and ultimately going into overtime. Even here, the teams matched each other point for point, pushing into overtime three and playing a total of 47 rounds. Eventually Ventus took the game 25-22 giving them the final 2-1 victory over VnR.

Even the 50 kills from BaNaNaZz (Bradley Altona) only followed closely by TJI (Tiaan Rheeder) who scored 35 kills was not enough against the fully firing Ventus squad.

xTc Gaming 0-0 Aperture Gaming: Has been postponed and will be played on the 23 March at 20:00 SAST.

As the last round is the Masters draws ever closer, who will we see dropping to the Community Shield, and who will continue to the first Masters Cup of the year?

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