CS:GO Masters Round 6 Wrap Up

Round six continues to house surprises similar to last round, as some teams present more dominating performances while others continue to falter on the road to the Masters Cup.

Flipsid3 Tactics 2-1 Damage Control: The F3 squad continue their winning streak, having picked up their first game of the leg last week, showing even more promise as they  continues to climb the log. The game was extremely close on two maps, with DC landing a strong 16-11 win on Cobblestone but, alas, their success would be short lived as DC narrowly lost 14-16 to F3 on Cache. The F3 team changed gears and showed an extremely dominating performance winning 16-5 on Overpass to close the series 2-1.

eXdee Gaming 2-0 Ventus CS:GO: Managing to find their second win in the Masters Division, all the while denying Ventus their second victory, eXdee has seemingly found their rhythm. Both squads are sitting at around the bottom four mark making this match key to their hopes of avoiding participation in the upcoming Wildcard Qualifier The game was a pretty one-sided affair as xD won 16-10 on cobble and went full no-mercy to knock ventus down 16-3 on Mirage. If xD manage to keep this momentum they could find themselves slowly crawl out of the bottom four.

Aperture Gaming 2-0 Pulse Gaming: The underdogs are slowly turning into punching bags as they have now lost their sixth game in a row. The game was not completely a  one-sided battle, however, showing that Pulse still has the potential to turn their luck around however the experience and tactics of ApG were just too much in this match-up. A close game, the ApG squad secured a narrow 16-14 victory on Nuke before taking a slightly more convincing 16-10 on Mirage.

Energy eSports 2-0 Veneration E-Sports: Another expected win for the Masters favourites as they managed to show little discomfort in the Masters games so far. VnR couldn’t manage to find double digits as they were knocked down 16-7 on Overpass and were finally put to rest with a 16-4 scoreline on Inferno. Without any victories so far this squad is looking to join Pulse at the bottom position of the log.

White Rabbit Gaming 2-1 xTc Gaming: An intense game was played between these two teams, with xTc have finally been handed their first defeat of the Leg. Having caused multiple upsets and taken victory multiple times till now the green squad could still find themselves in a podium potion. WRG have been sitting in the middle of the log and while they have presented a strong side in the past, this victory certainly hints at ever greater potential for the side,  managing to defeat xTc in an intense overtime on Nuke to ultimately secure a 22-20 victory. xTc managed to secure a fairly close 16-12 win on Cache however it would be WRG that would ultimately emerge victorious with a 16-12 win on Overpass.

Moving forward, the bottom four teams need to change their oil in an attempt to climb the log in these last few weeks remaining. Can these teams turn their game around in time to secure some much-needed points ahead of the end of the leg?

Energy eSports has continued their dominance in the scene and are slowly proving that they have what it takes to be the new top-dogs. They will be facing xTc Gaming in Round Seven, followed by a game against Damage Control and Aperture Gaming, so these last matches will be key in cementing their place atop the log, however, with the competition closer than ever, an upset could ever be in the works.

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