CS:GO Masters Round 4 Wrap Up

As we approach the middle of Leg One of the DGL Masters Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division the results are beginning to speak for themselves with some teams coming out of the first weeks of competition riding on a wave of success and others still struggling to make an impact.

eXdee Gaming vs Veneration E-Sports: This match has been scheduled for the 5 March and falls out of the timeframe for the round four wrap up however, if VnR can take this win under their belt it should give them a fighting chance to make it into the top eight come the end of the leg. While the eXdee team is definitely more battle ready, on paper, this match could go either way on the day.

Energy eSports 2-0 Flipsid3 Tactics: An expected result to say the least as the dominating eN squad continues with their no-mercy tactics and the losing streak continues for the Flipsid3. With only a few more games in leg one, the team will need to pull a rabbit (or white rabbit?) out of the hat and clutch for victory if they want to avoid a bottom of the log placement. Final score 16-4 on Nuke and 16-8 on Cache.

xTc Gaming 2-0 Ventus CS:GO: The green machine of xTc continue their stellar performance taking down Ventus, though not in quite the fashion they would have liked, going 16-13 on Cache and 16-12 on Nuke. Ventus, who are not favourites, are known as an upset potential team and such a close scoreline indicates that we could see them improve their ranking in weeks to come. xTc themselves have really surprised us so far with multiple upsets and it might even be time to call them the favourites in upcoming games. Their true might will be tested in their game against eN which is currently slated for 9 March. 

Damage Control 2-1 Aperture Gaming: The VirtusPro of South Africa, DC secured yet another notch on their belt, handing a strong ApG team their first loss of leg one. The victory helps the team keep themselves above the competition as they continue to vie for a top three position, having only dropped a match to xTc in round three. Final score 6-16 on Overpass, 16-13 on Cobblestone and 16-?? On Cache.

White Rabbit Gaming 2-1 Pulse Gaming: Of all the matches in round 4, this would have been the match least expected to go the full three-map distance was met with a strong WRG taking on bottom of the log newcomers Pulse Gaming. The match ultimately ended in favour of the rabbits however, with an overtime and some hairline scores ultimately seeing the match fall in the favour of WRG, final scores16-9 Train, 19-17 Cache and 16-13 on Nuke.

Conclusion: Another fantastic week of CS:GO with round five already on the go as we speak.eing over the halfway point of leg one, some of the teams need to start making progress or they will be heading towards the bottom of the log. Can these teams turn their game around in time to secure some much-needed points ahead of the end of the leg?

It is extremely good for the local scene to have some new teams sitting in the top six but more work is needed before the overall skill gaps start to close

tl;dr – Victory good. Loss bad. Please insert energy drink to continue…

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