CS:GO Community Shield: Upsets and Last Stands

The battle is on in the CS:GO Community Shield Masters Wildcard Qualifier! Showing their desire for victory, the qualified teams hailing from the Emerald and Sapphire Showdowns respectively gave the three teams from the DGL Masters a true run for their money with all three teams being knocked into the Loser’s Bracket.

With a chance at competing in the first DGL Masters Cup of the 2017 season on the line, teams will need to up their game if they hope to be successful and avoid being knocked completely out of the competition. We have a brawl going on in the loser bracket followed by a clash of new blood in the upper bracket. Eyes are on every team who is competing in this event as the talent increases in the local scene.

The Titan: We need to talk about the big blue elephant in the room: Bravado Gaming. Having already knocked down two teams into the loser bracket, taking down Fat Cloud Gaming and Ventus Red in two swift 2-0 showings, Bravado sit just one more victory away from the finals and their chance at qualifying for the Masters Cup.

The Battle of the New Blood: PROWolves and Mythic Gaming have both done a stellar job making it this far in the Community Shield with PROWolves taking down PuLse Gaming in round 2 and Mythic besting the other Masters side, Veneration E-Sports. These two teams are showing no small amount of talent but one of them is set for failure as they prepare to clash head-to-head to determine who gets to join Bravado in the semifinals and who will be put onto their last life in the loser bracket.

The Fallen: Teh Cucci BoyZ forfeited their match against VnR in the loser bracket, knocking them out of the event. VnR Rejects knocked out Ventus Red in an extremely close 2-0 battle with the map scores being 19-17 on Cache and 16-13 on Overpass. These teams will now be forced to reevaluate their strategies and watch from the sidelines as the competition continues to heat up.

Round 3 of the Lower Bracket takes place tonight which will decide the fate between two masters teams, VnR and PuLse, as only one can progress while the other will be eliminated and their journey concluded.

The Opinion Rant

This event is starting to showcase the upcoming talent and potential in our local CS:GO scene as more teams are able to rise up and take on the heavyweights. I myself welcome the influx of growing talent in the scene and hope that more teams can rise to the occasion; the more strong teams we can field the higher our standards become.

Once teams have caught up to the dominant squads, like Bravado and Energy, we should see a greater influx of talent as skill levels increase across the board. At the moment I feel like there is a huge gap between our top teams and the rest. Once that gap is filled it will force all of our teams to start building on better foundations and skill in what could be seen as a trickle effect. As the quality of our CS:GO increases, teams should be less open to making obvious misplays, which are heavily punished when teams are pitted against international teams, and this can only lead to improved results across the board.  

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