CS:GO Community Shield: The Remaining Four

Four teams are left standing as we head towards the last few days of the DGL  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Community Shield. The winner bracket victors will head straight to the final, while the loser will battle it out against the surviving team of the lower bracket match that takes place on Tuesday, 11 April.  

Bravado Gaming takes on underdogs PROWovles in the winner bracket, while Fat Cloud Gaming are against the last standing Masters team, Ventus, in the loser bracket. Bravado gaming is positioned to take the first spot unless PROWolves pull off some miraculous plays. Given Bravado’s strong history in all the local tournaments, events and taking the Showdown matches in an easy stride, our focus shifts towards who will be able to take the second spot in the Masters Cup.

Both Ventus and Fat Cloud Gaming will have a tough journey ahead, as they the winner of that match will face the loser of Bravado vs PROWolves match in an attempt to secure that the final spot in the upcoming Masters Cup.

Upper Bracket Schedule:

  • Round 4 Upper Bracket Final – Monday 10 April at 20:00 SAST
  • Grand Final – Thursday 13 April at 20:00 SAST

Lower Bracket Schedule:

  • Round 5 Lower Bracket – Tuesday 11 April at 20:00 SAST
  • Round 6 Lower Bracket Final – Wednesday 12 April at 20:00 SAST

My Predictions: Bravado should be able to take a clean 2-0 victory against PROWolves in the upper bracket to move onto the finals. Ventus should be able to secure victory against the strong Fat Cloud Gaming team, though the young side has a lot to prove andI wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset, or at least a full three-map game, from the Fat Cloud Gaming squad. If there is anything we have learned from watching CS:GO is that you can never count a team out, the pressure is on and the torches are lit as we head to the final stages of the Community Shield.

Which two teams do you think will make it to the Masters Cup?

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