CS:GO China Confirms Source 2, Panorama UI and More!

Yesterday, China finally received the official launch for their very own version of Valve’s competitive FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which aimed to bring in Matchmaking, more servers and even start their very own pro league. Here are all the details you need to know and more as we dive into the great international changes included in the presentations.

The press conference was mostly in Chinese but, thankfully, due to modern technology (or more specifically Google Translate), we were able to grab the just of the new system and upcoming changes.

If you are extremely interested in the changes coming to CS:GO you should check out the roadmap and plans that Valve released during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) hosted by Gabe Newell. However, the details released in the China Presentation confirm that large-scale changes are coming.

Here is what you missed:

Operation set for Summer – The eighth operation for CS:GO has been set for the summer season, according to the conference. This means that we can expect to hear more news in the coming two months as Summer in the Northern Hemisphere will begin on the 21 June. We also know what maps will be featured thanks to a datamine from Reddit user KordGamer.

Source 2 & Panorama UI- During the presentation Valve a made note on one slide that “brand new Source 2 Engine and Panorama User Interface” which basically confirms the rumors and plans for CS:GO updates in the future. While we are not sure exactly what “Brand new Source 2” means, it could possibly mean that there is a whole rework for the source engine going towards CS:GO, or that a few elements will be added, only time will reveal which it is.

Panorama UI is something we knew was coming since Valve made note in the roadmap, specifically valve employee Ido_valve mentioned that “As far as a roadmap is concerned, our priorities for 2017 are to replace the UI with Panorama”.

CS:GO China Official Beta Release – The website itself is now live and has been stuffed with details (in Chinese of course) and how players can prepare and register for the Beta participation, which goes live on the 18 April.  Whether or not Source 2 and the Panorama UI gets released alongside that date we can’t be sure.

Anti-Cheat & Alipay Credit System – The Chinese release will have a serious anti-cheat system that is set to keep cheaters out of the scene forever. Players will need to register using a credit system called Alipay, which has personal details such as ID, Phone Number. This means that your CS:GO account is linked to your real life, if you are banned in-game you will not be able to work around it (short of you finding a new identity).

Chinese Pro League – We should start to see more competitive teams come out of the China with the introduction of their very own professionally run league (which will hopefully be streamed on Twitch or YouTube so International fans can keep track with ease, although I’m sure Liquipedia already has coverage plans).

Official Servers and 128 Tick – It was also mentioned in the conference that MatchMaking servers will be available that include ranks and there were also little blurry details revolving around 128 tick servers, although we are not sure if these also apply to matchmaking.

Personal Opinion Dive

So I have a few words and points I wish to throw out into the world: as much as people are boarding the Source 2 and UI Changes update hype-train I do not believe that it will fix some of the glaring issues that have plagued the CS:GO community for what seems like an age. Sure, there is a great potential that CS:GO will be grabbing the new engine, however, fixing things like hit registry and bugs won’t be solved by just changing the engine.

To sum it all up, CS:GO will get its own version of Source 2, which will be majorly tweaked, and hopefully, will introduce some new anti-cheat components and major mechanical fixes like the hit registry. Heck, we should also see some great performance optimizations too. We all just need to keep in mind that a new engine will change the gameplay, movement and even how utility functions and not necessarily fix some of the issues that already exist.

Overall, I am extremely hyped up for the coming changes, and hopefully, Valve sticks to their roadmap as 2017 looks set to be a great year for this First Person Shooter