Conan Exiles the New Name in Survival RPG?

With over 620 survival titles currently available on Steam, the genre is certainly booming so when Funcom got into financial difficulties it seems there was one genre of game that they could create that, regardless of how polished it was, could potentially save the company. The result of that decision, according to Endgadget, was Conan Exiles. Suffice to say, it worked.

Since its launch on Steam’s Early Access program, Conan Exiles has smashed expectations, having met the 12-month goal set by the company of 487,000 sales on 27 February, just under a month after its release, this despite a number of bugs and a fairly average Steam Score of 69 percent. So now that Funcom has reached their target, does that mean the end of support for the multiplayer survival title? Apparently not.

In a lengthy blogpost released by the devteam, Funcom revealed a whole host of new features set for the full release of the already feature rich title including:

Siege Weapons:

Dye Systems:


While we wait for these developments, Funcom have also promised a host of new content to the early access release (set to release before the full launch of the title in 2018):

  • New Biome – the Highlands: new zone with snowy mountains and a more hospitable environment, includes the addition of a temperature system
  • Settlement system – adds city life, thrall schedules, barracks, farming and trading and better AI for thralls
  • Animal Taming – aside from thralls you will be able to tame and ride a host of companion creatures including horses, camels, rhinos and even elephants
  • The Purge – enemy NPC’s on a quest to pillage and destroy everything in their path; stand and fight or hide, just be prepared
  • Sorcery – the addition of character abilities for offensive purposes (including necromancy)

So, despite having initially created the title just to recoup some of the companies losses, Funcom managed to not only turn the tide on their financial woes but they also, seemingly, created something special in Conan Exiles. With Funcom looking to make the title into something more than just a crafting and survival game, having stating in a recent Reddit AMA that its vision for the game is to “find the line between Skyrim and Minecraft”, the potential of Conan Exiles to become a solid, unforgettable title is definitely there though, whether Conan Exiles will now join the ranks of unfinished survival titles on Steam, or if it continue to grow into the game that we hope it will be remains to be seen.

Conan Exiles is slated for full release on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018 and is available now on the Steam Early Access program for R319.00.