Christmas Time is a Time for Sharing (RP)

Being a gamer at Christmas time means a lot of things to a lot of people but, to me, it means is it time for some new additions to my League of Legends skin collection – what better gift to give than a skin for someone’s favourite champion? It seems Riot understand this as this year’s Christmas offering is a whopper and I for one am super excited about the sheer volume of giftables this year (also POROS!).

So, aside from the amazing new skins on show (I didn’t know I needed a Braum skin this badly until today), there is a host of other Christmas themed Treasure Chests, Icons and, most appreciated, new bundles and sets including:

  • Snowdown Snowtale Set (4801 RP*) – all the new skins and special 2016 Christmas icon and ward (Santa Braum, Winter Wonder Karma, Snow Day Graves, the Snowflake Icon and Santa Penguin Ward)
  • The Original Gang Bundle (1950 RP*) – includes legacy skins like Snow Bunny Nidalee, Workshop Nunu, Happy Elf Teemo, Earnest Elf Tristana and Old Saint Zilean
  • Frosty Fighters Bundle (4436 RP*)- the classic Festive skins such as Re-Gifted Amumu, Santa Gragas, Reindeer Kog’Maw, Candy Cane Miss Fortune, Ragdoll Poppy, Nutcracko and Silent Night Sona


Other, more specialised skin bundles include:

  • Root and Toot (3120 RP) – Toy Soldier Gangplank, Snowmerdinger, Mistletoe LeBlanc, Festive Maokai
  • Slay Riders (3120 RP) – Slay Belle Katarina, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, Bad Santa Veigar and Snow Day Ziggs
  • Snowdown Speedsters (2805 RP) – Winter Wonder Lulu, Snowstorm Sivir and Snow Day Singed
  • Chilly Champions (2486 RP) – Winter Wonder Orianna, Poro Rider Sejuani, Snow Day Malzahar
  • Snow Day (3123 RP) – Snow Day Gnar, Snow Day Syndra and Snow Day Bard

(*bundle price excludes the price of the champions)


Other cosmetic bundles include:

  • Poro Protectors Bundle – A collection of Poro themed ward skins including my personal favourite Vamporo
  • Poro Pals Bundle – A collection of Poro themed icons including Star Guardian and Project Poro’s


If you don’t have all the RP in the world to spend this Christmas then individual skin gifting is always a good route to follow. With so many to choose from here are just a few of my own favourites to consider:

  • Surprise Party Fiddlesticks 975 RP – always a winner
  • Candy King Ivern 1530 RP- I cannot imagine why this skin was overlooked this Christmas
  • Cottontail Fizz 975 RP – How do you make this irritating fish more frustrating? Give him carrots…
  • Monarch Kog’Maw 520 RP – Even ugly caterpillars have it in them to be beautiful butterflies…. Don’t they?
  • Demon Vi 675 RP – What did I get you for Christmas? Some salt and a battery…
  • Dino Gnar 975 RP – What is cuter than Gnar in a onesie? Nothing, that’s what.
  • Ice Drake Shyvana 975 RP – An ice dragon on a snow themed map? No-brainer
  • Reverse Annie 975 RP – It’s the onesies I tell you.
  • Glacial Malphite 1350 RP – If snowy peaks are your thing then you cannot go wrong here
  • Any Star Guardian Skin 1350 RP each – Protect your Christmas tree stars this Winter with the brave Star Guardians – cute and they come in a set, what more could you want?
  • Elementalist Lux 3250 RP – As someone once told me “What better way to share joy than to have your loved one and friends style on kids in multi-coloured dresses.” – thanks brafester 😛
  • Any Sona skin – OK I am just biased here


I know I left some out so tell me: What skin do you want for Christmas this year?

  • Will-0-Wisp

    Demon Vi – What did I get you for Christmas? “Some salt and a battery”
    Hahahaha! Made my day xD