Xperts@Total.Chaos (xTc) is a South African eSports organization and currently fields players and teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Battlefield 4.

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Xperts@Total.Chaos was founded by Mark ‘M4nimal’ Gazard, in 1999, predominantly as a Quake clan. Later branching out into Counter-Strike 1.6, the team took first place at the 2001 regional World Cyber Games (WCG) qualifiers to attend the main event in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2002, M4nimal left the clan to emigrate to the United Kingdom. In his absence, senior players Kenneth ‘Slade’ Willmore and Owen ‘Soul-Reaper’ Boonzaire took over management and led the steady transition to other competitive titles, including StarCraft.

When M4nimal returned in early 2010, xTc had developed into a fully-fledged multi-gaming organization (MGO) and regular feature in the Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL). Together, M4nimal and Slade revitalized the MGO, working with several promising players and teams to build successful divisions in Call of Duty and Battlefield respectively.

xTc also continued to excel in singles competition with Paulo ‘Theosis’ Oliveira taking first place at the 2013 Telkom Digital Championship (DGC) in Quake Live, while consistent top four finishes in team competition escalated the MGO to the forefront of South African eSports.

At the 2015 Telkom Digital Gaming Championship (DGC) xTc’s Counter-Strike squad put in the surprise performance of the tournament, shocking rivals Damage Control to top their group undefeated, despite having competed in the lower leagues of the DGL for much of the year. The team was reorganized ahead of the 2016 season in an effort to shape the side into legitimate title contenders.

xTc picked up a new Dota 2 team at the end of 2015, a long-time group of friends with an outstanding track-record in league competition, finishing 4th at the 2013 Telkom DGC.

– April 2016, xTc announce that Luciano “DaRe” Lasagni would join xTc.CS:GO from FlipSid3 Tactics South Africa.

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Dennis “_DotA-and-Die_” Connellan
GW “Heffalump” Annandale
Teodor “Ripinc” Nel
Caleb “DOOMbunni” Semple
Rynhardt “RDK” de Kock







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