Carbon Esports Conquer Call of Duty PC Championship

Nico “Dweezil” Devonport and his squad, cbN – Carbon, managed to secure a convincing second victory of the weekend over dvn VAC to earn themselves the sides first Championship title.

In their second meeting of the DGC competition, Carbon once more managed a convincing victory over Divine Gaming, having secured a  2-1 victory in the early stages of the double-elimination tournament which saw Divine forced to fight their way through the lower bracket in order to keep their championship dreams alive .

The storyline was heating up as Divine Gaming were cleaning up in the loser’s bracket with multiple 2-1 games putting them close to their final strike of getting knocked out. At last, they would meet their makers in the finals with revenge in mind.

With crowds backing both sides, the teams went all out, going head to head when Divine managed to secure a map victory against the undefeated Carbon team. However Divine was unable to continue their momentum, ultimately falling to the stronger Carbon line-up and seeing their rivals Carbon  crowned the 2016 Champions of the Call of Duty PC league.


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