Call of Duty Returns to World War 2?

Activision has come under a lot of fire for the “futuristic” nature of their recent addition to the war-themed FPS series, Call of Duty.A number of gamers complained about the space-setting of the most recent instalment in the series, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and, it appears Activision has heard their fan’s pleas, or have they?

In a “leak” revealed on the YouTube channel, TheFamilyVideoGamers, new images have surfaced, allegedly sent to the YouTuber Spiderlaw from an anonymous ” insider of some sorts“, of a Call of Duty in a World War II setting. The images can be seen around 3:50 in the video below:

The news, if correct, should come as no real surprise to fans of the series as Activision has indicated a desire to go “back to its roots” following the release of the space-age Infinite Warfare with Chief Operating Officer Thomas Tippl stating that it’s setting “didn’t appeal to many of our fans” and that “traditional combat will once again take center stage“.

Whether the news is real or fake, after the hype revolving around the leak, it should be clear to Activision what direction their fans want the new title to take and, should they follow the obvious hints being thrown at them, it could well mark a new era for the series.

Other leaked images include what appear to be Steelbook Edition covers for the upcoming title:

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  • Daniel Cisco Swart

    Great thinking out the box Activision