Budding YouTube Channel Overwatch Plays SA Presents Local Talent at its Best

Christopher England (aka TheBarnical) is a local YouTuber who runs the Overwatch Plays SA channel, highlighting some of our local Overwatch talent and most exciting plays.

“Overwatch Plays SA is a channel dedicated to South African Overwatch players. This channel will showcase the game from our perspective playing with 200ms.”

Overwatch Plays SA already has over 14 episodes stocked with local highlights all mashed into each episode. Uploading regularly and growing a YouTube channel is a tough feat so Telkom Gaming got in touch with Christopher to discuss his work and channel growth and how other local players can get involved.

Telkom Gaming (TG): Can local players submit their clips? How would they do so?

Christopher England: Local players can submit their content either via sending me their email address on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube [links below] and I will, in turn, send them a link to a Dropbox I have set up for precisely this. They are also welcome to send me a link to their Dropbox or google drive. I have been looking into a YouTube app which will offer a “submit content” feature which directs them to a website for sending the content.

Links: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

TG: Growing content is key, how often do you release videos?

England: My aim is to release a video every two days which is what I have been doing since the start three weeks ago.

TG: With the competitive scene growing, do you plan to release highlight clips for tournaments and cups?

England: Yes, I would definitely like to. If the channel grows enough I can use it as a medium to promote local events like tournaments and leagues etc. I have spoken to some of the streamers already regarding this.

TG: What is your main goal of this channel?

England: The main goal of this channel is to help with the growth and awareness of the South African overwatch community. I watch a lot of YouTube and there are a few names I would usually search for as I enjoy their channels. I would like this channel to become that and allow for players names to get out there.

TG: Lastly, which is your favourite clip that you would use to bring people to your channel?

England: I would say for now that the favourite clip is the Team Tribute Clip which I made for my mates as a “thank you” for the fun games we have together. I think this would be my own personal preference though as I am sure most would enjoy the videos that have either themselves or their friends the most. Today’s video posted had the most players in it I have been fortunate enough feature in a single video to date so I would imagine the public would like that the most.

With over 600 subscribers already, the channel is slowly growing in the local scene and bears some definite promise. Highlight channels may be seen as a thing of the past, but there is a definite sense that the community dearly misses them and, with a small channel such as this already having garnered a fair following its clear that Christopher is onto something. We have seen a slow return of “Frag Videos” that are popular with the Counter-Strike scene and other First Person Shooter genre scenes so an Overwatch-themed channel was almost inevitable.

Want to get your stylish play featured? Feel free to submit your clips by getting in contact over social media.

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