Bravado Gaming Unveil New DotA 2 Roster

Bravado Gaming are back to announce their next move for their 2017, this time revealing their newly acquired DotA 2 roster.

As of the post-leg transfer window, eXDee’s current Dota 2 roster will be making a direct move to Bravado Gaming and out of the Telkom DGL Masters, which will force them to qualify through the Community Shields as Bravado has decided to do. Of their Masters spot, eXDee will be taking in the current Constant Gaming roster for Leg Two,  and will be making the transfer during the Masters transfer window.

As this will only take effect after the completion of Leg One here at the Telkom DGL, for the remaining weeks teams will continue to exist as they are. In an official post on the Bravado Gaming website, Bravado Gaming owner Andreas “Cent” Hadjipaschali gave some detail and motivation as to why eXDee were the chosen team to replace the famous Bravado squad.

“I think there’s so much that plays part to the synergy of the team and I believe that we’ve partnered with some great individuals who are dedicated, motivated, ambitious, willing and super hungry to get to the top. They may not be regarded as the best team in South Africa currently, but I think in good time, these gentlemen will continue the legacy of our previous DOTA 2 squad. A great bunch of individuals and I can’t wait to start seeing what they can do!

I believe they’ve got the right chemistry and external factors to take their careers onto the international stage. I think they know what they want and I believe that they won’t stop until they get it. I’ve known Jeff (Impackt) for many years and to see where he has come, from back then, is extraordinary – he hasn’t given up and he’s pushed himself to the ultimate limits and I believe that the rest of the squad possesses the same qualities. That quality is exactly what we’re looking for.

Although 3 of the players initially started Exdee with Ridditz, these players have decided to step down as MGO owners and make the move to Bravado Gaming. I’d like to thank Ridditz for all the support and enthusiasm he’s given to his fellow partners (RDK, Soda and Impackt) and players as he’s supported them in every aspect with regards to this move from Exdee.

It’s a huge sacrifice to release ownership of your  MGO and give it up to join a different one. These 3 individuals have decided to transfer full ownership to Ridditz and that takes a-lot. From my side, I will give my absolute best to ensure that these individuals are looked after, treated with respect and gain new opportunities for the future. We’re working hard, day and night, to ensure that we meet all our objectives for the 2017 season!”

eXDee owner and long time manager of the eXDee Gaming squad Dewet “Riddiz” Lombard-Bovey also had some encouraging parting words for the side, posted in a press release on its official website:

“I have been with this team in one way or another for the past 3 years, always supporting, subbing and always helping them move forward in their DOTA 2 careers. Today I am happy and sad to make this announcement. Sad in the sense that I will be parting ways with players I have grown to know on a personal level. Parting with players I have been with from the beginning.

But also happy that they have finally reached their goal. Their goal of playing for the top gaming brand in South Africa. Years of hard work and dedication have paid off for them – you made it boys.

That does not mean the end of Exdee Gaming by a long shot. Our CS:GO team is looking stronger and stronger each day with the guidance of Spoof. And we have a new Dota 2 team coming up. Young, extremely talented players.
And a team that I know with dedication and hard work will be one of the top Dota teams in South Africa very very soon. So watch out Bravado Dota You will have steep competition soon.”

For the full announcement, make sure to head over to the Bravado Gaming website.

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