Bravado and xTc Shake Up Dota 2 Line-ups

Today is a busy day in the local Dota 2 scene as two prominent sides, Bravado Gaming and Xperts@Total.Chaos (xTc), have announced roster changes to their squads.

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The shorter of the two announcements comes from xTc, who revealed the departure of long-standing member Teodor “RipInc” Nel and GW “Heffalump” Annendale from its Dota 2 side. Joining them will be three well known faces in the local DGL scene; Aidan “Depi” Marshall, J-L “FonFon” Roe and Yilun “bluecat” Wang.

The full line-up now looks as follows:

  • Dennis ‘_Dota-and-die_’ Connellan (Captain)
  • Caleb ‘Doombunni’ Semple
  • Aidan ‘Depi’ Marshall
  • J-L ‘FonFon’ Roels
  • Yilun ‘bluecat’ Wang

The team’s first challenge will be the upcoming Mega8 Esports Dota 2 tournament, set to take place next weekend.

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The slightly more alarming announcement comes from Bravado Gaming, who’s Dota 2 teams is currently in serious fluctuation and, as it stands, the 2017 line-up will be full of fresh faces for one of South Africa’s longest-standing sides.

The team’s decisions were explained in a blog post on the Bravado gaming website:

“A month before the Telkom Digital Gaming League (DGL) Masters Finals, which was held at this years rAge-Expo in Johannesburg, our individual DotA2 players were in talks about this being their last event as a team as each of them had different intentions for 2017. With that being said, we accepted the facts and respected the decisions of our players but did our absolute very best to win one last event, which we unfortunately placed 2nd, losing to White Rabbit Gaming (WRG) in the Grand Finals

Wasim ‘Seem’ Lorgat made it very clear to us that he will be getting married in December and will have to retire after the DGL Masters Finals. This also meant that Seem would not be able to attend the WESG Global Finals, as he was getting married in December and would be unable to play professionally afterwards.

In addition, before the Masters event, Doni and Leon had decided to make the move to Europe to pursue DotA2 on a more professional level. For now, it is uncertain whether Flarez will be making the move, however, we have confirmation that Doni shall be moving overseas to play professionally. We support their decision and hope that they can only achieve what they set out for in the future – we wish them both the very best of luck!

Abdur ‘Habibi’ Kamdar has decided (personal reasons) that he will be unable to compete at this years WESG Global Finals in China, where we qualified for in Dubai. It is unknown whether Habibi will continue playing professionally in South Africa afterwards as he is still uncertain whether he wants to pursue in professional gaming for the upcoming year.

Wesley ‘Odu’ Rose is also uncertain whether he will be playing professionally in 2017 and what direction he will be taking. Regardless of this, we’ll be sure to update everyone as things happen.”

Bravado Gaming at the WESG Qualifiers. Photo courtesy of

Although things look a bit bleak for the coming year, there are still obligations to be held and Doni, Flarez and Odu will still be banding together as three cores for the WESG event in Dubai. White Rabbit Gaming have kindly assisted the team in this difficult time be lending out Travis “Castaway” Waters and Nicholas “Shlinks” Dammert to the Bravado side in order to complete their line-up for WESG, and put forth a powerhouse South African side.

Joining them as coach will be local veteran and current Mineski coach Anthony “scant” Hodgson, who has proven himself to be a formidable force behind the players, and will no doubt help the ad-hoc Bravado side put on the best display they can.

As for the upcoming Mega8 Invitational, it is merely Wasim “seem” Lorgat that won’t be playing, and the event will see the return of Bravado veteran Wazeer “Wazmac/Smacka” Kamdar to the side to once again reunite the brother duo.

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The rush of changes and influx of new faces just shows that the local Dota 2 scene is changing, which is always a good thing for aspiring hopefuls as well as for building a healthy competitive scene, although it is a sad day to see some local Dota 2 titans finally take their place amongst the stars.