Boston Major Group Stage Prepped and Ready

Valve’s first event since The International 2016, the Boston Major, is ready to kick into action tomorrow evening, as 16 teams begin their journey to try and get some of the $3,000,000 dollars in prize pool.


The sixteen teams are as follows:


Unlike previous Valve tournaments, the Boston Major has shook the format up, both in the group stage and in the main event to a format that echoes that of the CS:GO Majors and more “normal” Dota 2 tournaments in that it goes from a GSL group stage into single-elimination main event.

The GSL group stage also has some consequences in that the 16 teams have now had to be grouped into four groups of four teams each, and the groups are interesting to say the least:

Picture courtesy of Wykrhm Reddy

The new format, and the consequences of what could happen over the course of the Boston Major, has been discussed far better than I ever could by local stats-man Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen over at, and I highly recommend giving the article a read.

Just to give you an example, one of the matters discussed in Steenhuisen’s article is the possibility of an awkward final:

“Another situation is that when you go from GSL into Single Elimination, even if you got each group perfectly correct and there were no upsets — you still run a 1/3 risk that your two best teams will fall on the same half of the elimination bracket — and hence meet in the Semi-finals not the finals. As evident in multiple Dota 2 tournaments, most recently ESL Frankfurt 2016, having a finals where there’s a mismatch leads to an ‘unhype’ retrospective opinion of the tournament as a whole.”

Regardless of the arguments one can have about Valve’s new format there is still plenty of Dota 2 action set to come your way this weekend, with the schedule being laid out as follows:

Saturday, 3 December:

  • 5pm SAST: Group A Match 1 – Wings Gaming vs. Warriors Gaming
  • 5pm SAST: Group A Match 2 – Digital Chaos vs. LGD.Forever Young
  • 5pm SAST: Group B Match 1 – Newbee vs. MVP Phoenix
  • 5PM SAST: Group B Match 2 – Virtus.Pro vs. Team NP
  • 8:30pm SAST: Group A Winners – TBD
  • 8:30pm SAST: Group B Winners – TBD
  • 00:00 SAST : Group A Elimination – TBD
  • 00:00 SAST : Group B Elimination – TBD
  • 03:30 SAST: Group A Decider – TBD
  • 03:30 SAST: Group B Decider – TBD

Sunday, 4 December:

  • 5pm SAST: Group C Match 1 – Evil Geniuses vs. Complexity Gaming
  • 5pm SAST: Group C Match 2 – Faceless vs. LGD
  • 5pm SAST: Group D Match 1 – OG vs. Team IG Vitality
  • 5PM SAST: Group D Match 2 – EHOME vs. Ad Finem
  • 8:30pm SAST: Group C Winners – TBD
  • 8:30pm SAST: Group D Winners – TBD
  • 00:00 SAST : Group C Elimination – TBD
  • 00:00 SAST : Group D Elimination – TBD
  • 03:30 SAST: Group C Decider – TBD
  • 03:30 SAST: Group D Decider – TBD

There is, of course, a whole host of talent to bring you the action throughout the course of the tournament, which includes some fresh faces to the Valve Majors:

Picture courtesy of Wykrhm Reddy

The entire tournament, including the group stages, will be available to watch inside your Dota 2 client for free, with compendium owners being able to make use of the usual in-game bets and rewards if viewed in game.

If you can’t watch from home fear not,, the entire event will be streamed on Twitch.TV and YouTube, so there are plenty of ways to view all the Dota 2, if you’re prepared to stay up that late.

The mix up in format is sure to make for an interesting group stage and main event, so make sure not to miss out on some great Dota 2 action, courtesy of the Boston Major.

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