Boomeo Beta: Up Your CS:GO Game with a New Way to Train

Boomeo is a website dedicated to helping you become a better Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player by providing content from the world’s top professionals, as well as custom gameplay, to help you train as well as warm up for matches.

So why should you care? For the most part, the top South African players are always looking for ways to increase their experience and level of competitive play. This platform is not limited to any skill level, so it can be used to learn anything from the basics and up and, coming from the professionals, provides training from an easily relatable source. Whether you want to increase your skills or learn new things, this could be for you.

One of the main focus from Boomeo is player’s POV (Point of View). Finding a game or demo to watch takes time, which is a precious resource. The tools provided are accurate, powerful and yet simple. Simply select the map, the pro, side and situation and Boomeo will serve you the tutorial you are looking for.

The service also offers specific servers to help warm up, from deathmatch to retakes. They also created a brilliant warm up and training tool called Duels. “Real fights on real maps, fast….like, really really fast.”

Don’t want to pay? No problem! I was able to dive into a few pieces of the tools this morning with a free account. The content is swiftly accessible and on point when it comes to learning. Even with a free account, you can still access a wide variety of guides, tips and warm up schedules so you can certainly five the free version a try before investing in a Premium account.

The South African CS:GO Facebook Group is often stuffed with questions from local members, mostly asking what gear is right or general questions about the game. Boomeo offers a full free gear guide by the professionals, from the best PC components to the best peripherals, this website has it all and more to come.

Teams Involved in Boomeo:

You can find out more about upcoming plans and the Beta here. If you are adventurous the premium service will set you back $9.99 USD (±R127) per a month.

While the service does not offer South African servers, Telkom Gaming has reached out to find out if there is any future for our growing community, so stay tuned for more news about Boomeo and how it can help you.